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A/N This is just a cute little fluffy filler chapter, after writing all that fighting I deserve this, so you can skip if you'd like

On Spotify: Shota Aizawa's Country Cleaning Playlist

The music blares throughout the apartment, and Izuku wishes he had brought his earplugs to avoid the awful country music his dad has put on. Amajiki has already finished packing his room, so he's helping out Hizashi with his parents room.

He'd been told to sort through his toys and ask Eri which ones she'd like to play with, otherwise they were going to be donated. That's really all that was left in his room, the rest of his belongings and clothes spread out between his parent's apartment at the school and his own dorm room.

So far, Eri has confiscated all but four toys, "Okay, what about this one?"

The All-Might plushie was worn, one of his comfort toys before the family was able to find a Present Mic version online, "I want it!" She snatches the toy out of the young boy's grasp.

He sighs, looking at the mess around her, "You're supposed to be putting these in that box," he points out.

"But I want to play with them now!"

God, she was so cute. How could anyone ever say no to that face? "Fine, but whatever you can't fit in your bag goes in the box, alright?"

She nods, and proceeds to sort through the toys as Izuku grabs some sheets and blankets off of the top shelf of his closet. He can't help but feel a little sad, looking at the empty space.

He brings the sheets out to the living room that's filled with boxes, and stuffs the bedding into a box Amajiki had already started. Of course, the little girl follows him, already forgetting her task. Izuku scrunches his nose as he watches his papa and dad, "If I gave you my hand, would you take it and make me the happiest man in the world? If I told you my heart-"

He doesn't know if it's his dad using a spatula to sing, or the exaggerated southern accents that makes him blush, "God, you guys are so embarrassing!"

That only causes them to laugh, and Aizawa lifts Eri up onto his hip, Hizashi grabbing Izuku's hand and spinning him around, "Ugh!" But deep down, he loves it.

When the music pauses in between songs, Izuku makes his escape over to his brother, "Come on, Tamaki. You think country music is gross too, right?"

The boy just smiles and ruffles the green hair, "I don't know, I like all of these songs. It's not too bad."

Izuku sighs, and helps the boy grab the books off of the bottom shelf. The next song is a bit softer, which prompts their little sister to try and sing along with Aizawa, but always a word behind because she doesn't know the lyrics.

The scene is frankly adorable, which prompts Amajiki to ask, "What was your guys' wedding song?"

Yamada smiles at his husband, "Well, actually we didn't have a wedding."

Izuku's mouth gapes open. That's why he's never found any pictures of the event when he snooped, "What?!"

Hizashi places a quick kiss on his husband's lips, Eri still on her dad's hip pushes the two faces away from each other "Bleh!"

Aizawa shakes his head, kissing the girl's cheek, "You've been hanging out too much with Izuku."


"Hey, hey, hey- we're not just skating past the fact that you guys didn't get married!" Izuku regains their attention.

Eri is placed back on the floor, "Legally we did get married."

"But not under the eyes of god!" Aizawa's taken aback, while his husband can't even hold his snort for more than two second. Izuku giggles at his own joke, "I'm kidding, Dad. But still, you guys should have a wedding!"


Amajiki surprises Izuku by cutting the man off, "Eri could be flower girl!" He says excitedly.

"Yes!" The younger boy agrees, "And you can be Papa's best man, and I'll be Dad's best man!"

"We can invite Ms. Joke, and Miss Midnight, and Principal Nedzu-"

"Ooo, can we pick the cake too?"

Amajiki doesn't get an answer as Izuku continues, "We could have it at our new house! Dad says the backyards really big!"


Both men have long forgotten about their music, instead chuckling as the boys go back and forth, describing what kind of dress Eri can get. Finally, the two boys turn to them and ask, "So what do you think?"

Izuku butts in, crossing his arms as he speaks, "Trick question- you two are getting a wedding whether you like it or not."

"Well, babe?" Aizawa smiles at Hizashi, "You wanna marry me again?"

The blonde places a hand on his hip, "Well, I don't know..." he shakes his head, grabbing his husbands face and pressing their foreheads together, "Of course. I'd marry you a thousand times over."

While the two share a kiss, Izuku regrets the plans already. He looks at Amajiki, red in the face, "Fuck, Tamaki- this means they have to kiss in front of everyone! So embarrassing!"

Except Amajiki doesn't care. His dad's deserved to have a special day to remember for the rest of their lives.

"Fuck! That's embarrassing!" Eri yells with a smile, turning to her dad and papa.

Now it's time for Aizawa to snort, and Hizashi to threaten to chuck Izuku out the window.

Izuku spends the next fifteen minutes avoiding his papa's tickle attacks, and Aizawa teaching Eri, "that's a bad word, we don't say that word", only for her to respond with a giggle, "you say that fucking word."

Hizashi Yamada gasps, and changes the direction of his attack to his husband.

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