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Amajiki and Yamada stay the night in Heights Alliance in Aizawas apartment.

The two kids share the second bedroom (Izuku immediately claimed the top bunk), and instead of going to bed the boys play Among Us together for practically the whole night.

So that's why the two teenagers are slumped over the breakfast table with Yamada having to whack them with a newspaper so they eat.

Izuku grumbles and slowly forces the pancakes into his mouth. His papa tries his best to make conversation and asks when all their friends are moving in. Amajiki sleepily responds, and Izuku follows suit, "Bakugo and Kirishima are coming at 1, Iida will be here at 2, Todoroki will be here at 11 but that's all I know."

Today was move in, and tomorrow the students would have the day to get settled before classes started up again the following morning. Hizashi smiles at the boys, even though he had told them to go to bed early for this very reason.

He tells them they're having dinner at the third years dorm were Yamadas apartment was for dinner tomorrow night. He places a long kiss on Izukus head before sending both him and Amajiki to go get some more sleep.

He turns to his equally as tired husband on his second cup of coffee and suggests they may need to put a lock on the games on their phone after one in the morning.

Izuku goes up to his room alone in the quiet building while Amajiki makes his way back to his dorms. He very much regrets not unpacking anything the day before. Too tired to do so now, he grabs his softest blanket and curls up into his bean bag before falling back to sleep.

Todoroki and Jirou arrive at the same and they both follow behind Aizawa as he leads them to their rooms.

Jirou is staying on the second floor so she doesn't join the two, instead beginning to move her stuff in. Todoroki goes to the third floor with his teacher,  who directs him to the end of the hall. Before he has a chance to open the door and toss in his backpack before grabbing the rest of his stuff, Aizawa says with warning, "Izuku is the first room you passed on the opposite side of the hall. I trust you two will follow all rules about sleepovers and curfews. I will explain more at dinner tonight."

Todoroki blushes, but before he can assure the man he's gone.

He throws his bag in his room and knocks on Izukus door, but he doesn't get any response. The boy hadn't responded to any of his texts for hours. Todoroki peeks his head in and smiles when he sees his boyfriend napping on the bean bag chair. He quietly closes the door and runs down the stairs so his sister can help bring in his things.

He didn't bring too many things, so after a long hug from Fuyumi, he goes to unpack. After about an hour to himself he checks his phone and sees Izuku still hasn't responded. He's got a few more things to put away but he'd much rather do it later and hang out with his boyfriend instead.

He knocks again, but there's still no answer so he lets himself in. He stands in the door for a second, and decides to leave it cracked open, as was the rules at home for when either of the boys were in their rooms together.

Izukus shifted since Todoroki last checked on him so he approaches slowly. He shakes him awake, and when Izukus groggy eyes turn to his and soften, Todoroki gives him a soft smile, "Good afternoon."

He shoots up, almost hitting Shoto's head and checks his phone. The boys right, it's almost two. He flops back on the bean bag with both arms spread wide. Todoroki takes this opportunity to join him, letting Izuku wrap an arm around him, "I'm sorry I didn't help you move in," he says.

"It looks like you still have plenty of moving in to do yourself," Todoroki responds, brushing a hair from his boyfriends face.

Izuku can't help but groan at the task he had yet to complete. He hasn't even made his bed yet.

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