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It's only three days until the provisional licensing exam, and Aizawa was not happy with how his students were performing.

Well, let's be clear. He was not happy with how his most promising students were performing.

The entire day, Bakugo, Kirishima, Izuku, Todoroki, Kaminari, Yaoyorozu, and Tsuyu, were half asleep. They were slow to react, none of them were participating in class, and their fighting skills were similar to their first week of classes at UA. And Aizawa was pissed.

He worked them hard that week, he got on them about studying, but no more than usual. He was aware that many would do extra training on their own, but to this extent? Were they stupid?

He tells them all to stay after class, and that seems to wake the group up a bit.

When the door closes, Aizawa stands in front of his desk, making sure to glare at every single one of them. Kaminari, Tsuyu, and Yaoyorozu nervously dart their eyes away. Todoroki, Kirishima, and Izuku stare blankly back at him, too exhausted to even look worried while Bakugo just glares at the man, "Do any of you care to tell me why you think it's alright to slack off during class and physical training?"

Izuku hardly ever saw his dad angry, he was always good at controlling his emotions. Though there were certainly times (when he had been caught sneaking out or when Inko had met with the boy), he was never actually mad. Even in class, it was always annoyance rather than anger.

Momo speaks up, her voice a bit shaky to start, "We- we didn't mean to slack off."

"But you did," Aizawa snaps, "Including you Mr. Bakugo so wipe that look off your face."

Bakugo scowls, and Aizawa approaches the ginger, "Kirishima, what did you do last night? Starting from when school got out."

The question is more of a demand, and Kirishima glances at Kaminari beside him, "I did about two hours of homework. I went to the weight room. I trained with my classmates."

Aizawa lets out a frustrated breath and looks at the blonde, "What did you do after school let out? Please include time increments."

"I-I went to therapy. I did an hour of homework, I trained for five hours, and I was in the weight room for two more hours."

One by one everyone describes their afternoon and night activities, every retelling confirming Aizawa's suspicions. When his son finishes he just rolls his eyes at the kids before turning back towards his desk. For some of the best and brightest students in not just Musutafu, but in all of Japan, they knew jackshit about physical and mental health.

It's not that it wasn't included in the curriculum. Hell, Aizawa had taught a health unit himself after the USJ attack and his class had passed with flying colors. For some reason these idiots apparently didn't realize that the lesson applied to them.

Maybe it was his fault. Maybe he had trusted that the kids knew how to care for their physical and mental needs. He hadn't expected to become a parent of twenty students, "When you overwork your bodies, you compromise your performance. You may have impressive abilities and quirks, but you are still human and have human bodies," Aizawa begins to lecture.

The students listen to their teacher, hanging their heads. They wanted to practice as hard as they could so they could get their licenses, "None of you are allowed to do any physical training outside of class until after the licensing exam. You will not be allowed in the weight room, or any other training facility. You will remain inside Heights Alliance, or within the windows view outdoors so I can keep an eye on you."

"But, Mr. Aizawa?" The teacher narrows his eyes at Kaminari who's grabbed the rest of his students attention, "What are we supposed to do if we can't train?"

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