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"Shota!" Hizashi shouts, causing the man at the kitchen table to flinch.

"I'm right here, baby, lower your voice."

Izuku makes a disgusted face, but it quickly leaves as his papa ruffles his hair as he walks past him, "Cmon, get dressed. We're going out."

Aizawa sighs, rubbing his temples, "'Zashi, I've got patrol in a few hours and I need to finish grading these papers-"

"Already taken care of, Cementoss and Snipe are gonna cover your beat- you're all mine tonight."

His husband is beaming at him, and he can't help but feel a pang of guilt in his chest, "I'm really tired, why don't we just stay in and watch a movie?"

And just like that the smile falls from the blondes face into a frown and he crosses his arms, "I already made reservations at the Lux."

Aizawa just shakes his head, turning back to his students papers, "Just, I can call and cancel alright? We can order takeout."

"Over the Lux? You know this restaurant takes weeks to book a reservation-"

"It's fine, Hizashi-"

"No. It's not fine." The chair scrapes against the ground as he takes a hard step forward, interrupting the silence of the apartment. Aizawa narrows his eyes, "I want to take my husband out to dinner, at a nice restaurant, with good music and Michelin Star food."

"And said husband wants to stay in for the night because he's tired."

The man takes a deep breath, trying his best not to tear up, "You are always tired. Is it too much to ask my husband out on a date?"

"Why is it so important to you that we go tonight?"

Slowly the voices begin to raise, and Izuku can't help but nervously glance away from the game on his phone towards his parents. It was a rare occasion when the two fought, and he couldn't remember a time they had seriously argued in front of him. When he was taken by the social worker before he was adopted, it was very tense in the house for a week at most, but they never let him hear them fight.

"Because I made an effort to plan a nice night out. I want to spend time with you, I made arrangements to make sure that your patrol was covered-"

"It just seems like awfully convenient timing."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!"

Hizashi Yamada almost never cussed, which made the atmosphere heavy as Aizawa continued, "I don't know, Mic- you did the same shit before we were married, parading me in front of paparazzi like a damn dog as soon as I went viral on Twitter."

"Well, sorry if I'm a bit upset that the entire world is thirsting over my husband who won't even publicly admit that we're fucking married."

The chair makes a loud grinding sound against the floor when Aizawa stands, causing Izuky to visibly cringe, "What on earth have I done to make you so jealous, huh? It's not my fault that rat bastard made me do that joke of a press conference-"

 "I'm not jealous Eraser- I'm pissed!" The shout comes off as more of a plea.

"Izuku!" The boy jumps, not expecting his name to be called. He peeks his head around the corner to see his dad glaring at him, tears in his papa's eye, "Get out."

"But-" he says nervously.

"NOW!" The man points to the door. Shaking, the boy quickly leaves the apartment, trying to calm his nerves as the door falls shut behind him.

This wasn't Hisashi. Dad wasn't going to hit Papa.

He knew that. Dr. Yashido said that people fighting isn't always bad. It wasn't necessarily abuse.

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