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Izuku and his dad are cleaning up the kitchen when a knock is heard at the door. They exchange a quick glance, Amajiki had just left a few minutes ago but he never knocked and nobody in the apartment had buzzed anyone in.

Aizawa looks through the peephole, his heart racing as he recognizes the detective standing on the other side. He unlocks the door, hurriedly pulling out his phone to see if he had any missed messages from his husband only to see he had replied with a thumbs up five minutes prior.

The momentary relief doesn't last long. If it wasn't his husband, it was something to do with Eri or Izuku- which was nearly just as frightening.

"Good morning, Aizawa-San. Amajiki let me in as he was heading out- can I come in?"

Upon hearing the familiar voice from the living room, Izuku pauses. He slowly sets the dirty plates in the sink as his dad greets the man.

He always felt anxious keeping secrets. He tries to reason with himself that there's no way the police would know he's in contact with Inko.

Despite this he flinches when his dad calls out to him, "Izu? Can you come in here please?"

Both men watch him as he stands in the open archway, crossing his arms nervously against his his chest, "Ah, it might be better if I could talk with Izuku in private, if that's alright?"

Izukus heart drops to his stomach as his dad asks, "Can I ask what this is about?" The detective gives the boy a knowing look which only freaks him out more, "Is it Hisashi Midoriya?"

"No, not exactly."


Izuku swallows hard as he steps forward. He walks to the sofa, praying that the folder the detective holds doesn't contain what he's thinking of.

"My dad can stay," he gives him a weak smile, "He'll have to know eventually, right?"

Tsukauchi nods, sitting in an arm chair as he sets the folder on the table. Aizawa sits next to his son, "Three days ago we arrested a man when we got a tip that he had sexually explicit photographs of minors."

Izuku closes his eyes, resting his hand on the tan folder. He sighs, pulling it onto his lap. He doesn't look at either of them as he asks softly, "You need confirmation?"

Besides his nightmares, he did everything in his power to avoid thinking about his trauma. He had other things to worry about- normal things to worry about. Even talking to Inko had him moving forward, accepting what he couldn't change about the past and instead focusing on how he could change his future.

But now he was faced with a folder with naked pictures of a scared pathetic little boy.

Aizawa and Yamada had pictures from when he first came to live with them. But he was always clean, a bit skinny, but relatively healthy and happy. There was no documentation, no reminder of the kid he was before.

He swallows hard, flipping the folder open. Right on top is a dark photo.

The child was naked, with shaded bruises scattered across every part of his body. It was so dark, there was only a slight green tint to his hair, but the low light didn't hide the puffy eyes or split lip the boy sported.

But none of that hid the terrified green eyes or freckles.

"Yeah," he whispers, looking right above the photo. It looked like him when he was a kid. But he still struggles to acknowledge internally that, "Yeah, that's me."

Tsukauchi leans forward, ignoring the sick look Aizawa had on his face as he averted his eyes after only a glance, "Alright, Izuku-chan," he says gently, "Can you estimate how old you are in that picture?"

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