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"I've got extra training with Mr. Aizawa and Shinsou after school."

Izuku groans. He really needs snacks for his room, especially since he can't just steal from his dads kitchen anymore.

Todoroki kisses his cheek, making Tsuyu fake vomit, "We can go after if you'd like."

"No," Izuku pouts, "It's fine. Plus we have rehearsal for the festival tonight."

"Just... don't go by yourself, okay?"

Honestly, he hadn't planned on it. Though there was no news of Hisashi in Japan, the risk was simply too much.

So Izuku smiles with his mouthful of rice, "I won't. I'll probably ask one of my dads to take me after my therapy appointment tomorrow."

The conversation leads into homework, in particular an essay for Present Mic until the lunch bell rings. Classes fly by, so Izuku decides to spend some time wandering around his campus instead of heading back to his lonely dorm.

He runs into Kirishima leaving Hound Dogs office and waves to him, "Hey!"

The redhead gives him a tired smile, "Hey, Deku. Are you heading back to the dorms?"

"Not yet. I don't have a ton of homework so I figured I'd walk around for awhile."

"Do you mind if I join you?"

Of course Izuku agrees, but soon enough the silence between them turns awkward. His friend had just come from therapy, and he didn't want to ask what was going on. But it turns out he's worrying for nothing as the two walk outside.

"Do you have nightmares? About the Hissaikai mission?"

Izuku shoves his hands in his pocket, focusing on the ground in front of him, "No, not really. Sometimes I have bad dreams about when Hisashi kidnapped me, but my sleeping meds help."

"I," Kirishima looks at the boy, "Er... Mr. Hound Dog thinks I have PTSD from the whole thing."

Izuku tries to give him a reassuring smile, "That makes sense. I deal with it too, you know?"

The two sit on the ground when they see their homeroom teacher, Todoroki, and Shinso training together. Izuku continues when the two settle, happy for the half wall that blocks the wind, "A lot of heroes have traumatic experiences. It's not easy, but things do get better if you work at it."

Izuku can't help but wince when he sees his boyfriend strike Shinso. Kirishima plays with the grass in front of him, tying knots. Kaminari approaches the two and sits between them and they watch as Aizawa instructs the two boys in hand to hand combat.

The atmosphere lightens a bit as the blonde speaks, "This year has been crazy! We all have boyfriends- hey, do you think there's a straight person in class?"

The three voice their theories, and Izuku says, "I don't know, I wouldn't be surprised if Ida was aro or ace. But I definetely think Mineta is heterosexual."

The two agree, and Kaminari glance at the three training before lowering his voice, "Okay, this stays between us. But I think Shinso might be entering the hero course soon."

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