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Izuku shouts at his brother as he pounces on his bed in the Class 3A's dorm building. Amajiki groans, peeking his eyes open at the alarm clock to see he had only slept four hours since getting back from the hospital, "Tamaki! Get up! I'm having a crisis!!"

The third year groans and covers his head with his pillow. Izuku responds by tearing his blanket off of him, "Please!!!" He whines. Amajiki muffled voice comes from under the pillow, "What?"

Amajiki turns his head and lifts a side of the pillow, "You're always in some kind of crisis."

"Am not!"

"Are so!"

"I am not!!"

Amajiki glares at him. The sooner he entertains this the sooner he can go back to sleep. He rubs the sleep out of his eyes and he removes the pillow, "What do you want?"

Izuku drops to a cross legged position on his brothers bed, "I... I saw Todoroki last night after patrol."

Amajikis eyes widen at this. He sits straight up in the bed, "You see him everyday."

"Yeah I know, but last night when I went to his room something happened!"

Amajiki begins to feel sick. This cannot be happening. Izuku is his little brother, he doesn't want to hear about this, "O-okay?"

Izuku can't help the blush on his face. He was hardly able to sleep last night after his realization. God, why was this so... embarrassing?! "He got me a night light because I'm scared of the dark!"

Amajiki doesn't want a response, and he doesn't give one. Izuku doesn't know what he wants to hear, so he speaks again with hesitation, "He... Amajiki, I think I love him," he whispers.

Amajiki lets out a sigh of relief and puts his head in his hands, "Thank god!"

"What?! I just poured my soul out and all you have to say is 'thank god'?!"

"Yes," Tamaki laughs, "Oh, Izuku-chan ."

"How dare you laugh at me?" But Izuku can't hide his own giggles either. Amajiki didn't laugh all that often, and when he did, well, everyone laughed with him.

"Izuku, I thought you were talking about something else!"

"Something else?" It only takes a moment for him to understand and his face somehow gets even redder. He grabs a pillow and smacks his brother with it, "God no, Tamaki! I wouldn't consider that a crisis! EW!"

Amajiki grabs a pillow of his own and hit the boy back, "What was I supposed to think, you idiot?! 'When I went to his room something happened," he mocks, "What else could that have meant?!"

"Get." Smack. "Your mind." Smack. "OUT OF." Smack. "THE GUTTER." Smack.

Amajiki catches the pillow on the next attack, and when they both catch their breath he lays back down and asks, "Okay, okay. So you think you love him?"

Izuku sighs, and flops dramatically with his arms splayed, "Yes. But that's crazy right? We've only been with each other for a few months."

Amajiki thinks for a second. He did not feel qualified for this conversation, "Well, I don't know. I think I was in love with Mirio before we started dating."

"How did you know? Like, when did you realize you didn't just like him? How do you know the difference?"

God, what was he- an expert on relationships and feelings?? But Amajiki just closes his eyes, "I guess... I don't know, I really didn't at the time. I just... he made me feel safe, like he wanted me. I always wanted to be around him, and I knew he wouldn't judge me."

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