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Amajiki wakes up to the top bunk creaking under his foster brothers restlessness. His heart pounds, until he's reminded where he is by Izuku's cries.

He takes a deep breath. He's in Aizawa's apartment. Hes safe.

He quickly gets up, the younger boy thrashes under the blankets. Amajiki gently nudges him, trying to get him up before he topples over the side. With even the softest touch, the boy whimpers. Amajiki bites his lip, he could only imagine what type of nightmare Izuku must be having.

He tries to wake him a couple times, but has no success. The third year glances at the door, his eyes having adjusted to the dark of the room. The teachers room seemed so far away, though it was only a few feet.

After one final attempt, he hurries out of the room, knocking softly on the other bedrooms door before letting it open with an impossibly loud creaking sound, "Dads?"

Yamada blinks awake, nudging his husband before sitting up, "It's- it's Izuku. He won't wake up and I'm scared he's gonna fall."

The blonde turns on the lamp, and Aizawa rubs his eyes as the other gets out of their bed, "What's going on?"

"I think Izuku's having a nightmare. He's moving around a lot-"

Now fully awake they can hear their sons soft cries for them. Aizawa stands, tossing on the shirt he had discarded on the floor. Yamada puts a hand on the boys shoulder, and ruffles his hair with the other, "Thank you, Tamaki. You can go back to sleep in our bed if you want. Shota and I will take care of him."

Amajiki blushes at the affection, "Actually, is it, is it alright if I make some tea?"

It's Aizawas turn to approach, "Of course. If you don't mind, think you could make enough for me too?"

Amajiki nods and runs out of the room.

Both men stand on the bottom bunk, ready to catch the boy should he roll too far. Yamada holds his sons head gently in his hands, tears forming in his eyes at the boys suffering. Aizawa tries to shake their kid awake, "Izuku, it's okay, we're right here."

Yamada's hands knock against the headboard as his son tries to move yet again, the covers long since kicked to his feet. He goes by his ear and whispers with a firmer hold, "Cmon baby, you're safe, it's only a dream- wake up now."

Tears stream down Izukus face, and yet again he cries out for his dads in his unconscious state, "Papa! Dad! Please..."

Shoulder to shoulder, Aizawa leans towards his husband, "We need to get him off the bunk," he whispers harshly.

"Wake up, buddy," the man tries again. Aizawa sighs and it takes everything for Hizashi to keep his voice quiet, "If he wakes up when we're moving him he could hurt himself more!"

Shota shakes his head, raising his voice slightly, "If he were to fall he'd take us down with him!"

The boy whimpers and tries to curl away from them. Aizawas hands keep him from moving too far, "Cmon, Zashi. Get his arms around your neck."

They manage to get his arms wrapped around the blonde and on the count of three Aizawa grabs the rest of his sons body so Yamada can hug him tight into his chest and step off the bottom bunk.

The man grunts at the dead weight but they get him onto the floor with Izukus head in his papas lap without incident. The kid is pale, and flinching hard in his sleep. Aizawa smirks and whispers, pushing a hair from his husbands face, "Either youre getting old or Izukus getting too big."

Hizashi scoffs, ruffling their sons hair, "I am NOT getting old. And Izuku will never be too big for us to carry."

Aizawa hums but before he can respond the kid cries out, "Dad!"

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