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A/N: Very emotionally charged chapter, so enjoy :)

Kaminari whacks his boyfriend on the head with a pillow, "Get up! We're going to be late!"

Shinsou groans, burying himself deeper into the soft mattress. Finally the blonde pulls the covers off, forcing him to turn over with a glare, "I didn't realize we were on a damn schedule," he grumbles, rubbing his eyes as he sits up.

The boy tosses a sweatshirt at him which he catches close to his chest, "Well, I told Izuku we'd meet him at nine."

Shinsou narrows his eyes, "Excuse me?"

"He wants to grab Todoroki-kun a present for his birthday."

The boy puts on the sweatshirt, watching as his boyfriend attempts to fix his hair before giving up and tying it back with a small hair tie, "No offense, but I don't want a third wheel on our first date in weeks."

Kaminari turns back around placing a hand on his hip, "What's your problem? He's my friend."

"Yeah, and he fucking hates me."

The blonde just rolls his eyes, walking across the room to grab his meds, "He doesn't hate you."

Shinsou stands, grabbing the discarded joggers and handing him a half empty water bottle, "He does. He's jealous that I'm spending so much time with his dad," he mutters.

The boy swallows the pills and places a kiss on his cheek, "Izuku isn't like that. He's never been mean to you."

He pulls on his pants, gritting his teeth, "No, but I can feel it. He's different around me."

"Please, Hitoshi?"

His damn puppy-dog pout could convince him of anything.

Which is why the three walk into the mall together with coffee in hand. Shinsou does his best to stifle his annoyance as his boyfriends friend follows them around. They talk about training and how he's adjusting to the hero course. Which leads into a forty-five minute long rant about the pervert Mineta who'd been expelled because he watched one of the sidekicks at his work study in the dressing room.

With a couple bags in tow from the stationery store (Kaminari's current hyper fixation of bullet journaling had proven to be quite expensive), the green haired boy stops them before entering the trampoline park.

"I've actually got something I need to do- can I catch up with you guys later?"

The blonde is hesitant and stomps on Shinsou's foot when he agrees instantly, "Are you sure? I said that I'd come with you."

Right. He'd told him he needed to shop for his brother's birthday present, "I'll be fine, I swear. Besides, my dads can smell a lie a mile away and I don't want the surprise to be spoiled!"

Shinsou narrows his eyes at the boy overcompensating for something. Kaminari notices somethings off too as he tries again, "It's really no bother. Besides, body guard squad remember?"

"I just need an hour, I'll be fine! Have fun!"

Izuku hurries away, a sinking feeling in his gut from lying.

But no one could find out about this. Not his classmates, friends- and especially not his dads.

He hesitates before peeking through the glass walls of the restaurant.

Sure enough, Inko Midoriya stood behind the counter, smiling as she handed a customer a bag.

With a deep breath, he uses all his courage to push the door open. She opens her mouth to greet him but her words catch as she recognizes him.

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