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Bnha Oneshots <3 by KarinZeightive
Bnha Oneshots <3by Karin
※SLOW AS FUCK UPDATE※ ※NO MORE REQUESTS (unless It's interesting)※ Wanna have a book full of oneshots that's filled with cotton candy fluff or gloomy angst, both with a...
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❦ azami ➵ bnha by _astralismika
❦ azami ➵ bnhaby queen.
❝ You're fucking weird ❞ ❝ I was never normal to begin with❞ 一✮一 Azami Yamada-Aizawa, or Azami Aimada, is the biological child of the two pro heroes known as The Voice H...
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Present Mic x Deaf! Reader by katzkradle
Present Mic x Deaf! Readerby Ollie
Reader is deaf with an audial quirk, adopted by the Midoriya's after a UK bombing that left them orphaned.
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It Struck A Heart String With Many (BNHA x OC) by KanaRika4
It Struck A Heart String With Christi Pugh
Ishi Azusa, she lived a life free of people on the streets of mustafu. She could never see the outside word because she was afraid, afraid of killing someone with her ey...
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All Might x reader by katzkradle
All Might x readerby Ollie
And he never saw her again.
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Freeze Frame by strawhat_pirate
Freeze Frameby Straw
There are plenty of quirks nobody has ever heard of. They pop up all the time. With each new generation comes a wave of possibilities for power, and for new breeds of he...
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BNHA One-Shots  by YourOfficalDadzawa
BNHA One-Shots by Broken Hearts
"I-I think I like you!" "M-me?" !NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS BELONG TO ME!
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My hero LEMONS~~!!by Kirishima Eijiro
{REQUESTS CLOSED} bxb gxg gxb i really dont care what you request but remember, ONLY lemons ;) Profanity?: HELL YEAH 35k VEIWS AS OF JUNE 5 2020 42.8k VEIWS AS OF JUNE 1...
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🍋 My Hero Academia X Reader🍋 by anonymouswhatever
🍋 My Hero Academia X Reader🍋by Bleh
LEMONS! SMUTTY ONESHOTS! NSFW! This particular edition will be My Hero Acadamia! Please leave comments! It helps me develop my stories! ⚠️I would like to add a disclaim...
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BNHA Oneshots by ari-ridrake
BNHA Oneshotsby ri-ri
Title says it all
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My Hero Academia Oneshots by Yaki_joestar
My Hero Academia Oneshotsby Yaki Joestar
(REQUESTS CLOSED) A collection of reader-insert oneshots from My Hero Academia! :D Hope you enjoy! If you have a request, please send it through my inbox! Thanks! Cover...
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Occurrence (Dadzawa) by ididntask05
Occurrence (Dadzawa)by Mads
When tragedy strikes and Izuku is left motherless, he runs away from home hoping to find a safe haven. He bumps into the pro hero Eraserhead believes he is safe only to...
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Cotton Clouds (Oboro Shirakumo x Reader) by eridol
Cotton Clouds (Oboro Shirakumo x 𝓮𝓻𝓲
"What, you think I'm cute or somethin'?" You paused, glancing over at the white-haired boy; soft-looking cotton-hued hair, round bluish grey eyes, a smile so...
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HEALING  [ B N H A ]  by CaraScarlett
HEALING [ B N H A ] by CaraScarlett
•A bnha fanfiction (Boku no hero academia). Sakura Chiyo Hana finally has the opportunity to progress her training as she begins a brand new story in her new high school...
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Maigo- A BNHA OC Story by fetchy1238
Maigo- A BNHA OC Storyby Gabbi Stornaielo
Hello! This is my first time writing on WattPad. This is my OC's story from My Hero Academia. I have never shared my OCs with anyone before, much less told anyone their...
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❝bnha oneshots❞  by chocolatechanii
❝bnha oneshots❞ by chane(i)l
ok yes, im attempting to take a little bit of a twist here and whatnot, but here you go. just so i wouldnt be stressed out, i pre wrote them a couple whenever i felt lik...
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We Really Are Far From Home (BNHA x Marvel! Reader) by yeehawanime
We Really Are Far From Home ( Nezuko is baby
While on a mission with Spider-Man, you and Peter come across the intricate machine that Hydra has been working on to obtain materials from other dimensions. However, w...
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Sixth Sense {My Hero Academia} by EnergyMageFrea
Sixth Sense {My Hero Academia}by Frea
We used to be friends, or at least... we used to know each other. There was a lot of people I used to know, a lot of people who used to know me. That was a long time ago...
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Erasermic Oneshots by EvelynSmith4
Erasermic Oneshotsby ToxicOrkid
its a collection of erasermic short story's and one shots will include fluff, smut, and pain it will also include small role with other charaters
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[ALL MIGHT (Toshinori Yagi)  X READER] | My Hero Academia by vigorous_sky
[ALL MIGHT (Toshinori Yagi) X vigorous_sky
(Y/N) was a mysterious girl who had no family and was adopted by a young woman who raised her to become the greatest hero to ever live. She went through years of hard t...
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