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TW use of a homophobic slur and homophobia

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Izuku stumbles to his feet, looking behind him as the ground erupts in the distance. He had tried to stay with his classmates, but the other schools had predicted their plan of attack and effectively sent them all flying into different directions.

His ears were ringing, and quickly shook his head, a cloud of dust flying from his hair. He was almost grateful for Papa for getting him accustomed to loud sounds.

However he doesn't have a chance to think much more about that before movement catches his eyes. He gets ready to fight but relaxes when he recognizes those green gauntlets, "Kacchan!"

The blonde grunts, approaching his friend, "I thought you were with Kiri and Kaminari?"

Bakugo looks around, "We got separated. You too?"

"Yeah, one of the other students has an earthquake quirk, it's pretty impressive! However, being down here is less than ideal."

Bakugo rolls his eyes. Everyday it seems as if his friend became more and more like their teacher.

Without hesitation Bakugo ducks to the ground, Izuku flipping through the air as three balls whiz past them, "Show off," Bakugo grumbles.

"Is now the time?" Izuku asks when he lands with a cheeky grin.

There are four boys standing on the ledge a few meters away from them. They all drop down at the same time, Bakugo grinning like an idiot. These morons were walking to their defeats, and was gonna give him his license.

Izuku runs towards them, Bakugo using his quirk to fly past him to meet the boys first. He hears his best friend call out behind him "No fair!".

Bakugo jumps to meet one of the boys in the air, slamming them both into the wall of the cliff. Bakugo does his best to suppress his shriek when the boy turns into a python and slithers out of his grip.

However he's able to hit two of the targets while he's in the snake form, though misses the third when he shifts back into a human.

Before Bakugo slides into the ground where two of the boys are waiting he sends a blast downward, flying upwards and spreading the boys out in separate directions.

He lands near Izuku who's dueling it out with another boy with spiky green hair in a mohawk. The kid has wings, but Izuku seems to have hit two of the targets already and gets his third as Bakugo turns to face the other three.

Izuku punches the air in triumph, looking at Bakugo but he doesn't see his victory cheer. Instead he'a watching as the group approaches them, "Well, looks like we got both of the kidnapped boys," the one in the middle grins putting his arms out, "Bakugo Katsuki, my name is Takahashi Ren. I've been looking forward to meeting you. Cant believe I'm the one lucky enough to take down the boy who survived the League of Villains."

Bakugo narrows his eyes, feeling Izuku come up to the side of him. The snake kids tongue pokes out of his mouth, and Izuku resists the urge to start interrogating him about his quirk, "And you, Izuku Aizawa-Yamada. You've got two fags for parents."

Both boys feel the world stop before their vision goes red with rage, "Excuse me?" Izuku hisses, eyes dark.

Takahashi grins, "Let me guess, you're a faggot too? Fucking gross, right guys?" His friends snicker, "Well, it was nice talking to you, but I think it's time we teach these queers a lesson."

"I want him," Izuku spits.

Bakugo thinks to argue, but agrees, "Fine. Kick his ass."

Izuku is so angry he hardly even thinks, let's instinct decide his actions as he darts towards Takahashi.

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