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•throne room•
Daemons POV :

I watched as she walked down to the throne and stopped by me. Her gaze staying on Father like everyone else in the room.

Until she slowly looked up and met my stare. We stayed like that for what seemed like forever. She didn't smile. She looked utterly miserable. Probably because she feels guilty for Vaegons death but she looked so sorrowful and broken.

"As you all know Vaegon has passed." Otto Hightower started to talk on behalf of father is seemed. He was the hand of the king so it was allowed I suppose . "So a new hier must be selected ." He finished.

I scoffed at this. "What happened to mourning his dead son." I muttered so only a few could hear.

"There is nothing to discuss." I heard Visenya say. "The throne goes to Daemon."

Laena laughed at her remark making all heads turn to her. She was practically cradling Lucreys. Poor child and she looked like a mess.

"The throne goes to Lucreys. He was Vaegons first born son." She spoke.

"He hasn't even seen five name days, let alone know how to rule or how to fight. Nor has he seen battle." Visenya spoke back.

"He will mature." Was all Laena said.

"Enough." Father finally spoke up.

"I shall decide and I alone." He had a tired tone to his voice. "Now get out the lot of you expect for my children."

Visenya's POV :

I couldn't fail to notice Aegons present was not here. I wonder where he is. I haven't seen him since I left for Stepstones. I felt bad for him. Vaegon was extremely close to Aegon. A lot closer than I ever was to Vaegon. I'm sure he took the loss of his older half brother hard. I felt slightly guilty.

"Tell me." Father started to talk again. "Is it really true what they say Visenya?"

"What they say?" I questioned back not sure what he was talking about.

"That you could of saved Vaegon and yet choose to save Daemon." He spat. Hatred laced his very word.

I was left distraught by what he had just asked me. My mouth was agape slightly and my face twisted into one of shock and sadness. My eyebrows furrowed.

It wasn't like me and I knew it wasn't like me to act so vulnerable but what my Father had just asked me wasn't a question I could answer truthfully. I didn't know what possessed me to save Daemon that day but I did and I didn't regret it as I knew the pain I would feel if it was Daemon in Vaegons place would be so much worse.

"I don't know what you want me to say." Was the only reply I could muster up to my Father's harsh words.

Viserys simply buried his head into his hands and let out loud sobs for his deceased heir and son.

I was so focused on my Fathers questioning that I had almost forgot that Daemon was in the room before I felt a presence by my side and it felt as if he was trying to tell me everything was alright as he entwined his hand in mine.

His hands were warm but rough like I had expected after all he was a warrior .

Daemon squeezed my hand gently making me look at him meeting his gaze of sorrowful eyes holding a sense of comfort and gratitude. It was understandable after all I had saved him but I didn't think he would remember the incident much.

Suddenly he leaned down next to my ear, his lips just skimming the skin of my neck slightly sending instant shivers down my back before he whispered to me "Everything will be alright my little dragon."

I never thought one sentence and one voice could ever be so comforting to me.

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