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•armoury, Kings ladning•
Visenya's POV :

I was headed to the armoury to try on my new Valerion steal armour and to gather my weapons. We leave for Stepstones waters tomorrow. I was slightly nervous about fighting in my first war. First of a few I presume. It was only common for Targaryen woman to fight in battle if they had mighty Dragons. That's why I wasn't questioned about my presence in the war chambers whilst discussing battle plans.

My brothers Vaegon and Daemon were only a few years older then my current age (14/15) when they fought there first battle at Harrin Hall a gruesome battle indeed. Veagon was around 8 and 10(18) whilst Daemon was 6 and 10( 16). Vaegon would come home after that battle and told me of the horrible things he had seen. The dead men, woman and children some missing limbs and heads. But the worst was the soldiers on the walls of Harrin hall poured scolding hot liquids down the walls burning many  below. He would tell me how he could still hear there gruesome screams and cries for there mothers.

I was abruptly pulled form the thoughts as the door to the armoury that I had been leaning on opened and to my suspense Daemon entered.

I was stood just by the door watching the bright embers of the fires and sparks from the Stone masons hitting the swords in the making.

"Visenya"he spoke before walking up to me and budding me. I returned the gesture quickly. Before wiping my face of any worried expression and replaced it with a small smile.
"I missed you Daemon."

But somehow daemons eyes seemed like they could almost peer into my very soul and read all my thoughts and emotions. "If your worried about the battle, don't be. I was worried about my first battle to and we won. A glorious day indeed it was. and me and Vaegon have never been seriously injured before." He spoke my comment about missing him falling short onto death ears.

"In not worried." I lied to him.

He laughed. "Visenya I have told you before you simply can't hide anything from me for long." He smirked. "I know when your lying"

"Maybe" was all I simply said. "What are you here for?" I questioned my brother.

"Dark sister was in need of a few repairs from a dual int thought against Sir Jason Lannister and won might I add" Daemon told me whilst smiling down cockily to me. Dark sister was he great Valerian sword.

"And you sister?"

"To collect my armour for the battle."

"Armour? May I see it before I leave the Armoury." He asked me.

"Of course older brother anything." I smiled up to him. Before are conversation was cut short by one of the stone masons announcing that my armour was ready finally.

(Picture it with a dragon face on the shoulder not a griffin)

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(Picture it with a dragon face on the shoulder not a griffin)

"I love it, what do you think Daemon?" I asked for my brothers approval.

"It doesn't cover much." He deadpanned.

"That's because I will be also be wearing  a thing sheet of lighter armour underneath along with my fighting clothes Daemon." I said in a sarcastic tone.

His mouth formed an 'O' shape at my words before he walked over to the armour. He seemed to be inspecting it?

"What are you doing brother?" I questioned his sudden actions.

"Just making sure that my sister is wearing only the finest armour into battle."he replied. "Wouldn't want you
Getting hurt. Right?" He smiled to me before ruffling the top of my head and leaving the armoury.

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