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•The battle of the Stepstones•
Visenya's POV :

Me, Vaegon wan Daemon had been riding are Dragons for a few hours now. We were due to arrive at the battle soon.

I was nervous. The very thought of how many lives I was about to doom didn't scare me though. I was only nervous of disappointing everyone.

I looked around as I felt a pair of eyes on me once again it was Daemon. He nodded towards me as a sign of reassurance. I was glad he did I felt a little bit better.

As stepstones came into view I could see the many soldiers fighting each other and I could just make out Laenor's white hair below us. Everything looked to be going smoothly. But I spoke to soon.

Just as we were in proximity of the battle, many Spears and arrows were catapulted towards us.

Vaegon took the lead and shouted "scatter! They have air attacks!"

But it was too late we were already under fire from there catapults on top of the hills. Shit. I thought to myself as I pulled Raxes back to dodge the incoming attack.

Daemon however continued to power on. "Daemon!" I screamed out to him.
It was just as I feared his blind cockiness was about to get him killed. I watched from Above as Caraxes got hit by a enormous spear right through one of his wings. Tearing it from side to side.

I just watched. As Caraxes roar and screeches were heard through out the whole of Stepstone. Vaegon however had continued to power though the attack, dodging all the arrows and spears shot in his direction.

"Sister!" Vaegon screamed. "Break through the lines! Burn the catapults while I lead the way!"

I could see Daemon fall of Caraxes from the corner of my eyes. He was headed straight for the water below but seemed to be unconscious!

"No!" I screamed before pushing Raxes down into a nose dive straight for Daemon.

"Sister!" I could hear Vaegons voice from the distance but I was determined of getting Daemon safely to my side.

"Daemon!" I screamed as Raxes last fastened to a very high speed dive.
I need to pull up soon.

Just as Daemoj was about to hit the water I caught his arm and dragged him onto Raxes saddle with me before quickly pulling Raxes up, so we now glided just above the waters surface.

As I was about to head back to the battle, the retreat horn went off.
I could see are many soldiers already on there boats heading to the other side of the cove to regroup I presume.

Caraxes had crashed into a small cliff the other side of the bay away from the enemy. I was glad he seemed to be alright. But Daemon didn't he had a cold sweat covering his forehead and blood was dripping from his armour chest plait.

But I couldn't see Vaegon anywhere?

I was confused but followed the soldiers over to the bay.

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