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Arrow Imagines by ijashanaa
Arrow Imaginesby ✧𝖏𝖆𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖆✧
A B O U T : ➵ Full Length One-shots - Requests Wide Open like my legs. ➵ Drabbles - Requests Open
  • laurellance
  • thecw
  • queens
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queens (noah puckerman) by omlsabrina
queens (noah puckerman)by ashley !!
  • mikechang
  • sabrinacarpenter
  • mercedesjones
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A Melodious Song (Yandere Twins x reader) by Cloakedranger
A Melodious Song (Yandere Twins x...by Cloakedranger
-This is a sequel to the story A Dimensional Tune (Yandere Twins x reader) - You have been with the brothers for over a year now, yet they still torment you, however a...
  • yanderexreader
  • magic
  • romance
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Prodigy and Prophecies ➣ Peter Pevensie by distractedteen
Prodigy and Prophecies ➣ Peter Pev...by distractedteen
╣╠ "You're not going anywhere, if anything, your little boyfriend will just have another seat next to you." Peter threatens. A sharp laugh fell uncontrollably...
  • thelionthewitchandthewardrobe
  • susan
  • witch
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The eye of the storm  by Desire_dream_love
The eye of the storm by ❤A.Small.Rose.Blooming.❤
She had a reason why she didn't want to go to the ball the King organized. She had a secret, a secret that might get her killed. Only her father knew what she was capabl...
  • kings
  • innocent
  • undiscovered
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When A Lazy Person Gets Reincarnated As A Villainess Of An Otome Game by Littlepho
When A Lazy Person Gets Reincarnat...by LittleNix
Rose was an artist and musician in her past life, she died somehow and got reincarnated as the villainess of an otome game she keeps hearing about. Seriously! Why did yo...
  • fiction
  • slowupdate
  • goodfamily
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The Snake Queen by XxHollywood_UndeadXx
The Snake Queenby Dizzy
Everybody knows King Cobras are the most dangerous species of snakes. But it's a little interesting when their venom can give you magical powers. Sixteen-year-old Mag Pa...
  • bitten
  • queens
  • highschool
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Let's Live a Happy Life! by rosalinerosepetals
Let's Live a Happy Life!by RosePetals
Yoona was reading her favorite novel for the millionth time while lying in her bed. As she looked out her window, she noticed a shooting star. Little did she know the ha...
  • romance
  • princess
  • shoujo
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Untamed // Edmund Pevensie by gllavch
Untamed // Edmund Pevensieby lucy
Another human girl has stumbled into Narnia and she isn't about to go swooning for some blonde king or his moody brother. Edmund can't stand the simpering women at court...
  • princecaspian
  • lucypevensie
  • jadis
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What's Really Hood by jayhunnnna
What's Really Hoodby Jade
|| Chris Brown || Trinity has never been to the hood or even imagined what the hood would be like. That's until her and her father moved out to New York from the luxuri...
  • hood
  • tyga
  • breezy
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Why would she like MY insta ?!//Camren by Fuck_harmony
Why would she like MY insta ?!//Ca...by Fuck_harmony
Badass Jauregui Queen B Cabello The two never got along So why would She like her picture ?!
  • badass
  • cabello
  • jauregui
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The Other Henry VIII by RedPanda1203
The Other Henry VIIIby RedPanda1203
What if Henry VIII had married differently? What if his choice of wives changed his reign and the whole of England's history forever? A young man sits on the throne of...
  • envy
  • henryviii
  • kings
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BUG SPRAY  ━ PARKER by soulofstaars
❝what if i 𝙁𝘼𝙇𝙇? oh, but my darling, what if you 𝙁𝙇𝙔?❞ ━ peter parker x oc post homecoming / pre-iw ( cover by me ) ©julia kim, 2018.
  • bug-spray
  • humor
  • poc
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30 Days [Peter Parker x Reader] by galaxyprick
30 Days [Peter Parker x Reader]by bambi (:
"Hey Mr.Delamar- uh ... who are you?" In which Peter Parker has 30 days to win over your heart. __________ [Peter Parker x Reader] Storyline and plot belongs t...
  • xreader
  • marvel
  • tomholland
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The Promise of A Feather by wayywardbuns
The Promise of A Featherby .
Three paths become entwined when an enchanted thief, a summer faery, and a cursed prince must do all that they can to defeat a corrupted queen. COVER DESIGN BY @EOSOPHOB...
  • fairfolk
  • fae
  • romance
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A Dawn Amongst Shadows by mahana258
A Dawn Amongst Shadowsby Mahana
*WATTYS SHORTLIST* "It's either this or death." Caught in the act and bound by a strange magic, two thieves from opposing guilds must work together to com...
  • thieves
  • wattys2018
  • wattys2017
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❦ Tom Holland & Peter Parker Imagines by andy-post
❦ Tom Holland & Peter Parker Imagi...by stanley holland <3
❝BECAUSE I AM SPIDER-MAN, SO SHUT YOUR FACE.❞ -the cutie of all cuties, our friendly neighborhood spider-man, our hero, thomas stanley holland filled w cute, fluffy im...
  • spider-man
  • quackson
  • spidermanhomecoming
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Best Historical Romance Books! by SmellyCat4Eva
Best Historical Romance Books!by She
I am a HUGE fan of historical fiction but as this genre is not very popular (as compared to romance or teen fiction), not many people know about these hidden gems. These...
  • kings
  • adventure
  • princess
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A Fifth Daughter [Book 1: The Dragon Rider] by JJHays
A Fifth Daughter [Book 1: The Drag...by TheDragonWriter
A MODERN MEDIEVAL FANTASY #3 in Fantasy |Book 1 of the Fifth Daughter Trilogy| When darkness arises and the world of Fantasy is in danger of being destroyed, the Dragon...
  • evil
  • cài
  • smoke
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Runaway Princess [Completed] by _Ana_Ay_2
Runaway Princess [Completed]by ジョアナ・メイ
May Maladyosang Kagandahan Mga Balat Na Kulay Nyebe Mga Labi Na Hugos Puso Na Sing Pula Ng Dugo Mga Buhok Naka Sing Haba Ng Lubid Na May Nakatagong Mga Dyamate Tuwing I...
  • fantasy
  • queens
  • binibini
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