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•banquet hall •
Daemons POV :

I still hadn't seen my youngest sister yet. I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't. She was the only person I really wanted to talk to.

The doors opened and I thought it would be her but no.

It was Alicent walking holding Aegons arm as she lead him to his chair. Before she left him she whispered something into his ear and he gulped.

I couldn't help but notice the large cut on his nose and bruise on his forehead. I wondered what happened curiosity filled me now.

"How is your head my Prince." Lord Corlys asked him breaking the silence.

"I feel fine thank you uncle." He replied.

"What happened" I asked not really too bothered by the situation and tense demeanour of the room.

"Well-" Aegon started to explain but was cut off by the doors opening once more. He then fell silent and looked down at the table And there walked in my dear little sister.


She had grown a lot since I last saw her. She didn't glance at anyone as she walked forward to her chair a hint of power in her walk.

She was sat opposite me with Aegon next to her.

"sorry I'm late Raxes wouldn't let me leave." She said

I just continued to stare at her taking in her features. Until she turned and we were now staring at each other.

She smiled. I'm glad she is happy to see me.

Are Moment was destroyed when Alicent spoke up.

"Visenya." She said bitterly anyone could notice the cold tone she used when she said my sisters name.
"Maybe you should sit somewhere else considering the events of last banquet."

"No thank you. If Aegon wishes to move he can." Visenya replied to Alicent in a monotone voice.

" what happened last banquet" I asked.

"Well Visenya smashed Aegons head in when she was told about the wed and then proceeded to say she would rather marry someone strong like you." Rhaenys informed me.

I chuckled at the words she told me. Before meeting my sisters gaze again. Maybe she was just like Vaegon said.

This is going to be a very fun few months. I thought to myself.

" it is no laughing matter!" Alicent scolded.

"Well at least he is only a bastard wouldn't want anyone important like Visenya being hurt like that." I spoke to Alicent through a smirk finding her reactions utterly amusing.

Visenya's POV :

I can't believe what Daemon is saying. Is he complimenting me?

I smiled at his words to Alicent. I think I missed not having someone putting Alicent in her place more often.

I think I just missed Daemon actually.

"Who are you to call Aegon a bastard! You are the same!" Alicent shouted.

I spoke up then.
" if you are comparing Aegon and Daemon please stop. Daemon if part of the pure bloodline of Targaryen's to compare him to Aegon is an insult."

"Please don't insult my brother. Alicent." I said in a cold voice and turned to her before returning my gaze back to Daemon.

"Let's eat" my farther suddenly spoke up.

Throughout the whole banquet me and Daemon exchanged quite a few looks to each other although no one else noticed.

We all ate in silence. Until Auntie broke the silence after we finished the food. She talked about the new dragon egg and who it shall be given to.

"Well the dragon egg shall be given to the next marriage to happen, so Aegon and Visenya." Viserys spoke.

"Ahh farther i need to talk to you about the arrangements of there wed and I have a better idea then  Visenya to be wed to a bastard." I heard Daemon tell farther.

" I also do farther" Vaegon said.

I didn't expect Vaegon to want to talk about the marriage.

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