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• iron throne room •
Daemons POV :
( not edited)

Me and Vaegon walked into the throne room together both wanting to speak to Farther about the Wed.

We both disagreed with letting are little sister marry a bastard. We wouldn't allow her bloodline to be un-pure and only half Targaryen. It would be a disgrace to her.

I can understand why she slammed Aegons head in as well. He was rather annoying I would of don't the same to him if she hadn't. That boy needs some sense knocked into him by his farther though. But Viserys would never do that as long as Alicent was around.

Alicent was also a bother. I know she was behind this marriage proposal and I know she wants to see Aegon on the throne at any cost. He will never see the Throne as long as me and Visenya are alive. I know I wouldn't allow it and nor would my sister. I do know her quite well.

"Farther" Vaegon started. "I don't believe marrying Aegon and Visenya is a good proposal."

"What do you suppose I do then boy."
Viserys seemed angered by what Vaegon has said for some unknown reason."I have half the council telling me to wed her to Laenor and Alicent breathing down my neck about marrying her to Aegon."

"Farther why do you even wish to marry her off so soon and sudden." I asked.

"Because girls her age are usually on there first child."

"But it doesn't matter. There will be plenty more years to come. Aegon is still a boy after all" I spoke again.

"Alicent doesn't seem to believe That" Viserys scoffed.

"Does it really matter what Alicent thinks?" I questioned. Saying this made both Vaegons and My Farthers gaze move to look at me.
"You are king are you not?" I finished.

If I need to make Farther question his position I order for Visenya to be safe. I shall. I don't think anyone thought Aegon marrying her was a good idea.

"Farther I would if it at least a few months to see if a better candidate within the family comes forward."

"Yes I do agree" i replied to Veagon.

"Mhmm I suppose I could keep Alicent quite for a while. So it is to be done." The kind told them. "I will give you both 7 months to make a list of candidates and then I shall choose one. But Aegon and Laenor must still be on the list."

I didn't like the idea of Laenor being a candidate. He was Laena, Vaegons wife, brother and as far as I have been told Laena hated Visenya for some unknown reason. So they would not make a good match.

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