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•The Stepstones•
Normal POV :
( not edited)

Anyone could notice the look of bravery in young Visenya's eyes. The pure look of hatred towards her enemy for killing her brother. And the distant sadness evident in the back of her mind for her late brother. But that didn't stop her. She still rode fast and strong. If anything faster and stronger with this new found strength.

And as Lyrax burnt the catapults and all the enemy who stood on the hills.
One thought run through Visenya's mind. The thought to be queen. Ruler of the seven kingdoms. She wanted it so badly. That she would kill this enter army for it. And with her elder brother out the way and she knew that Daemon had no interest in being king besides he now owed his little sister a life favour. Only Lucreys Vaegons son remained and possibly Aegon if Alicent got her way. Were In the way of her and the great iron throne.

So Visenya rained fire down onto the army on Stepstones shores. Saying a single word over the screams of agony and pure pain from the men and boys below.


She held no remorse for any person on the field of battle below. This was there choice to fight against her and murder her brother in cold blood. So she did the same and murdered them all through the flames of Raxes and pure hatred of Lyrax.

When she landed both the dragons on the burning battle field after a matter of minutes of starting her revenge, everyone but a few soldiers remained most were just lying on the floor crying for there mothers.

But Visenya only wanted one thing form this revenge. Her dear,dead older brothers body. So it was to her shock when she looked up to the top of a cave to find her very brothers Head pinned to the wall. With his guts wrapped around his head like a crown. As the blood dripped down his face and neck onto Visenya's head. Shes screamed in pain for her brothers death. Letting it all out she fell to her knees. Banging her fists against the floor.

"Why!" She screamed louder and louder every time. And this was the moment that Visenya Targaryen turned slightly mad.

As she looked up to her brothers decapitated head and smiled up to him whilst tears mixed with blood ran down her head.

"Looks like little old Vaegon will never be king." She laughed. Before returning to her normal state of sadness and looking down once the tears stoped,her face going emotionless.

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