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•Visenya's chambers•
Visenya's POV:

I shut my door before my back slid down against it.I bought my hand up to my head and I cried.

I hadn't cried in so long. Not since Daemon left for Dragon Stone.

I really dont know how much longer I can keep up the arguments for the throne.

All I know is that I definitely can't marry Aegon. I won't marry him.
I don't know why but the thought of marring Aegon scared me a bit. Not that he was scary, he was weak and will probably never be able to beat me at anything no matter his age. But the thought still was nerve racking.

•Dragon Stone Castle•
Daemons POV:

I had revived a letter from kings landing a few days ago informing me that Aegon and Visenya are to be wed soon.

I couldn't let that happen. I promised Visenya before I left that if she continued to fight for the throne then I would never let farther marry her to Aegon or anyone unless she choice to.

I prepared Caraxes to take me back to Kings landing. It will be interesting to see my sister again after so long.

But it will be an annoyance to deal with Alicent again. She was always very irritating.

I thought deeply as I mounted Caraxes.

"Ready to go" I spoke to him in valeryien. Before Caraxes started to take off.

He will probably be happy to see Raxes again as well.

•kings landing•
Still Daemons POV:

I arrived home at Kings Landing a few hours ago and Vaegon has been telling me a lot about Visenya.

Vaegon thinks she acts a lot like me in her ways of arguing cleverly with Alicent.

I smirked at that comment. I didn't  think she would carry on with arguing with Alicent after her punishment form doing it last time. I suppose  she proved me wrong.

The family banquet was going to begin soon so I excused myself form the conversation I was having with my brother and went to my chambers to change and rest a bit. As the journey form Dragons Stone to here took a few hours as expected.

• Dragons keep •
Visenya's POV :

I decided to visit Raxes quickly before the banquet.

What I didn't expect to see was Caraxes sat beside  Raxes.

"Caraxes!" I shouted in dragon tongue. The large dragon quickly turned to face me before nuzzling his head into my side.

Wait I thought to myself if Caraxes is  here then that means that Daemon is here too. I smiled brightly at the thought of my older brother.

"I'm sorry Caraxes I need to go see Daemon. I'll visit you both again after the banquet" I said whilst stroking his

I then sprinted back to kings landing.
I really wanted to speak to Daemon before the feast. I thought.

But I was unlucky as ever by the time I reached the castle I was already over 10 minutes late for the banquet.

So I then turned through the tall and small halls and corridors. Running to the banquet.

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