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•continuing form previous chapter•
Normal POV :

Vaegon then turned to look at his new sister before ordering the maid holding her to hand her over to him.
The maid without hesitation handing his babe sister over to him.

"Everyone get out." He then said in a low growl.

Daemon stayed sat on the ground with his mouth ajar still in shock from his late mothers death. Tears brimming in his eyes as he thought about all there memories together.

Vaegon however was staring at his younger sister's sleeping peaceful state. How fragile he thought to himself.

"Daemon." The brother called out to his younger sibling.He got no answer though.

Vaegon slowly looked down to his little brother slightly pitting him. Before he continued to speak.

"This is are babe sister Visenya did you not hear? You haven't Evan looked at her yet."He questioned as his brother still hadn't Evan glanced at the his new sister yet.

Suddenly daemon laughed and stood up on his feet again.

"Why would I look at that mother killer." He coldly replied before walking out of the room and slamming the great doors.leaving his brother there mouth wide open utterly confused at what he meant by that.
It's not her fault things like this happen all the time.

If anything you should blame farther Vaegon thought. Before also exciting the room. To give his sister back to the maids.

Daemons hatred for his little sister wasn't that strong and faded over the years, to little to nothing as he realised how similar they are. In that there father King Viserys would ignore her to and refused to even hold the young babe for many months.

But nether the less Daemon tried to avoid her still not because he hated her rather he didn't want to hurt her or for any memories of his late mother to come up again as he pushed every speck of her away to the depths of his mind and focused on training. He became quite a bold knight over the years that followed.

And an even better dragon rider. Having one of the biggest dragons alive that the Targaryens owned called Caraxes.

Vaegon however did continue to visit his little sister for many years but the visits became rare as he grew older and eventually got a wife.

Visenya was known throughout the whole kingdom as the sweet innocent Targaryen child loved very much by her family. But also as the 'mother killer' curtesy of her older brother Daemon's drunk toasts at a party when he saw a woman that looked like his mother.

But what people think isn't always true.This is the story of Visenya Targaryen and how she became Queen of the iron throne.

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