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•1 month before Daemon leaves•
Daemon's POV:

It had been a few weeks since I had seen my little sister. I did go looking for her but her Septer told me tha farther sent her to live with one of are distant cousins for a few weeks which probably just meant Alicent asked him to. After all she did face complete humiliation from a 11 year old.

I must say I have grown a bit fond of my sister recently but i probably shouldn't get to close to her as I have been ordered to go and stay at dragon stone Castle for a few years as the castle needs a new lord.

"Brother, there you are, I've been looking for you" I heard Vaegon shout out to me as he walked over.

"What is it you need Vaegon." I asked

"What is going on with you and Visenya?" He siad.

"Nothing? Why."

" no reason I just saw you two looking at each other a lot and wondered if you had finally talked to her. After all you wouldn't stop talking about how much you hated her when we were kids." He joked

"Mhmmmm I suppose I don't really hold any resentment towards her anymore."

"Really why's that ?" Vaegon asked smirking.

"Because I only hated her as I was a child that had just lost my mother and needed someone to blame." I spoke bluntly with a cold tone.

"Alright,fair enough. When was the last time you went to a brothel you seem very stressed." My brother said patting my back before waking past me and leaving.

He can be so Infuriating sometimes I thought quietly to myself.

Visenya's POV:

I had only just returned home and I was so tired. Farther sent me to live with some distant family member in the east. It was so boring as I haven't seen Raxes in a month he must of grown a bit.

"Henley!" I shouted

And he burst in form the corridor.

"Is everything alright my princess" he asked out of breath.

"Yes, I just wanted to inform you that I'm going down to the dragon dens to see Raxes and no you can not come with me. I'm going alone this time."

"Princess, I really can't let you do that." Henley started his lecture.

"Henley, I just gave you an order. Stand outside and stay by the doors. Until I get back." I ordered him.

He seemed a bit shocked at first but shortly after did as I said.

One thing I did learn from being sent away is that practically every noble man,woman and even children would order people around so I thought I would try.

• time skip to dragon dens•

As soon as I arrived I could hear Raxes roars from the entrance. I knew she would be excited to see me!

He could probably smell my scent. I presume. I told the Keepers to stay outside this time as Raxes is usually quite protective of me if she doesn't see
Me every few days.

As I entered deeper into the den. I could practically feel Raxes getting closer and closer to me. Until I felt a pressure against my back and suddenly her face was right in front of mine.

"I missed you to" I said in veleryien.

As she nuzzled his face against me and then fell down into a sleeping position his tail curling around by my feet.

I smiled at the sight of Raxes being so peaceful. It looked like Caraxes wasn't here.That means I might see Daemon I thought.

"I might just wait a bit then rax" I said to her using her nickname but she was already fast asleep in her own world.

I then sat on the floor my back leaning against Raxes scaled stomach and felt myself slowly drifting off . Untill I was completely submerged in a sleepy trance.

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