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Another Love {Complete} by rainbowkiller0
Another Love {Complete}by ELE
Upon the death of her Lord Husband, Enora Hightower returned to the Red Keep. The eldest daughter of the Hand arrived just in time to attend the tourney in celebration o...
Almost Lover {Complete} by rainbowkiller0
Almost Lover {Complete}by ELE
As ward of the Queen, Camilla Tully was raised alongside the Princess, Rhaenyra, and the Hand of the King's daughter, Alicent. The three were rarely seen apart, where on...
Sycamore Tree {Complete} by rainbowkiller0
Sycamore Tree {Complete}by ELE
The Queen is dead and her best friend is angry. Elowen Redfort, Queen Aemma's Lady-in-waiting and closest confidant is in the room when the queen is murdered. Driv...
Kissed By Dragon fire by afillingim96
Kissed By Dragon fireby April Fillingim
Viserys and Daenerys weren't the only children to escape the rebellion. Their father's favorite Bastard child escaped with them. When Viserys tries to sell his sister to...
|TREASURE| Game of Thrones  by ThxnderWar
|TREASURE| Game of Thrones by Holly Dolly
"You might not be interested in war but war is interested in you." -Odin The First Targaryen Female who survived the War of the Usurper. The untold story of...
Hoax  {Discontinued} by rainbowkiller0
Hoax {Discontinued}by ELE
As ward of the Queen, Camilla Tully was raised alongside the Princess, Rhaenyra, and the Hand's daughter, Alicent. The three were rarely seen apart. That is until the qu...
Rebirth: House Of The Dragon - Dynasty Of Queen Athena Targaryen by LavonaLawton
Rebirth: House Of The Dragon - somanybookssolittletime.
Reborn into a world of dragons and castles, Atheana Targaryen will rise as the three Queen of the 7 kingdoms. Long Chapters & Smut .
Transmigration to Plantos by ZaraGreenshields
Transmigration to Plantosby Zara Greenshields
Vanessa Parker had done very little with her life. She was born into the Gemini Coven by her mother, Joanne Ranger, and her father Malakai parker. she was hated and disl...
❝𝑺𝑲𝒀𝑭𝑨𝑳𝑳❞ daemon targaryen by katexblack
❝𝑺𝑲𝒀𝑭𝑨𝑳𝑳❞ daemon targaryenby K A T E
❝ How else could the family with the dragon's blood die other than over the dragon's blood? ❞ a House of the Dragon fanfiction daemon targaryen x fem!OC (daenyra targary...
Our Violet Delights  by ZNation4
Our Violet Delights by ZNation
Lucerys Velaryon is born a girl. Almost nothing changes... until Aemond Targaryen begins to take an interest in her. It seems Targaryen uncles have a habit of falling in...
A Shadow of the Seven by novariv
A Shadow of the Sevenby novariv
Seven characters, each representing one of the aspects of the Seven, return to the past from the moment of their death. Ned Stark, Cersei Lannister, Robb Stark, Mance Ra...
Take Care Of You {Slow Updates} by rainbowkiller0
Take Care Of You {Slow Updates}by ELE
Princess Alysanna was only two years old when her mother died during labor and her father remarried. Growing up her father's second wife and her older sister fought over...
WRITTEN IN THE STARS | alicent x daemon by luvrobrien01
WRITTEN IN THE STARS | alicent x luvrobrien01
House of the Dragon ________ In which the course of history is changed with Daemon Targaryen arriving to Kings Landing during the wedding festivals of Rhaenrya and Laen...
the thaw. [arya stark] by starduster-
the thaw. [arya stark]by 𝐤𝐚𝐭。・:*˚:✧。
they say that when a targaryen is born, a coin is flipped and all the world stops. for in that single, fleeting, moment the fate of the world lies in that childs' hands...
The Mother of Dragons by Rae-Duvalll
The Mother of Dragonsby Rae-Duvalll
Daenerys was killed by Jon snow, but now she's back, only now in the past where House Tragaren was strong. She won't be killed by a Man again.
A Song of Love and Dragons [Aemond Targaryen] by roseleV1988
A Song of Love and Dragons [ CloudsRcool
Maera Velaryon second born daughter of Rhaenyra. Heir of Driftmark. The realms dream. A rouge. How would the realm take it if they found out their beloved dream happens...
•The Bad Seed• -Aegon Targaryen by ver_itty
•The Bad Seed• -Aegon Targaryenby ver_itty
Anastasia has never gotten along with her betrothed Aegon targaryen. He was her personal bully. She thought he hated her until he offers a deal. He wants them to act in...
You make me crazy (Aemond targraryen)  by tamaracsati
You make me crazy (Aemond tamarawriter
this story is totally different from others!!this is a house of dragons fanfic!!!! Visenya Valeryon, bastard daughter of Harvin Strong and, heir to the Iron Throne. She...
Our Spilt Blood by wisterialays
Our Spilt Bloodby wisteria
What if a babe was born the same day as Aemond Targaryan. What if that babe was his neice. Visenya Velaryon, The only child to be truly born of Laenor and Rhaenyra. Just...