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•banquet room•
Visenya's POV :

I kept my train of thoughts steady. I don't have any chance of becoming queen if Aegon gets changed to 1st in line. That means I would be 4th in line. NO.

I've got nothing to lose anyway. Plus they won't take me seriously. So maybe I should just say something.

I looked up and made direct eye contact with Daemon.

I took a deep breath before saying

"I don't think that's a good idea. Since Aegon isn't a pure Targaryen and he doesn't even have a dragon."

I said looking down before,looking up to meet my fathers thinking gaze and Alicent's glare.

"So what should we do then, all so clever child." She spat at me empyazing the word child.

"Keep the line of succession how it is. The current line is pure and has the best chance of survival. Unless you want are family to fail Alicent." I spoke back keeping my tone calm.

Everyone was staring at me now. I could see Daemons smirk out of the corner of my eye. I think they didn't except me to be so smart as I am a child.

" or do you perhaps think that we aren't pure. Alicent." I continued.

My father stayed quite. Just listing whilst waiting for his wife's answer.

"Well I-I-." She took a breath "what I simply meant was since Aegon is turning out to be very out standing at his age maybe he should be hier." She stated and then quickly picked up her wine glass and took a big gulp of the mead.

"If you say so". I replied.

"Aegon." I said as I turned to him.

"Yes sister!" He said with excitement as this was my first real time showing him any attention.

"Would you say you are smarter then me?" I asked him.

"NO way" he said very quickly.

"Well then Alicent there is your answer he shouldn't even be above me in the line of succession." I said my face turning stone cold with no emotions. I read once that is makes you look more serious.

"But your older then him, so that natural" Lord Corlys spoke.

Whilst Alicent laughed slightly. No one laughed with her.

" but you wanted to make him 1st in succession over Vaegon Evan though he is older and there for smarter. Personally I would not want a dumb king ruling me." I said looking at her in the eyes.

Suddenly meeting my fathers line of view. It scared me a bit as he never shows any interest in me.

I think everyone was just shocked at my words.

Suddenly I felt someone kick me beneath the table I looked up and It was Daemon. He wasn't looking me tho he was looking at Alicent as well.

Daemons POV:

I was quite amazed when I heard Visenya  say that to Allicent I didn't think anyone would have the guts to say the truth expect me.

I was surprised I don't think I have been surprised in a while.

Also the way my little sister put the words almost making Alicent seem to be questioning her own self as well.

I kicked her under the table as she stared at farther.

That might be a bit far I thought. Wouldn't want her to get hurt. After all she was technically fighting for me and Vaegon so it's the least I could do was protect her.

I turned my gaze away from Alicent and looked at Visenya she was staring at me and farther was glancing between us.

Hmm.what to do I thought.

So I laughed.everyone suddenly turned there head's to me.

"Good Point Little sister." I said
"I agree with Visenya."I finished my laughing fit of with.

"Can we eat in starving" I say looking towards Farther.

He then started eating. Everyone seemed to still be in shock that king Viserys hasn't stood up with his wife even Alicent seemed surprised that her husband didn't take a side. But more importantly didn't take her side.

So it seems my sister will be the one to sow the seeds of deceit into Alicent's head and some common sense into are farther.

Hmm. Interesting. I thought it would have been me. Clearly I didn't pay enough attention to my dear little mother killer.

I smiled to myself whilst looking at her before everyone slowly started eating still processing what had just happened.

Visenya maybe I should take you out for another dragon ride together.I'll see later. I thought to myself. Before I started eating.

Neither siblings saw the gaze of their  other brother Vaegon watching them form the side.

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