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•on dragon back•
Visenyas POV :

I was sat just in front of on Daemon on the saddle of Caraxes.

I was a bit scared but I wouldn't admit it. I had never flown on a dragon before but I've always wanted to. I'm sure it will be fun. I thought to myself.

I gulped and Caraxes started to slowly flap his wings.

I think Daemon noticed this as he suddenly pulled me back closer to him.

"Dont worry, If you get scared just hold onto me. You won't fall."He told me.

I didn't feel any more reassured but I didn't feel as scared now so that was better I guess.

Suddenly Caraxes took off. I shut my eyes tight and grabbed ahold of Daemons arm.

"Just to warm you, shutting your eyes makes it worse." He said bluntly.

So I slowly opened them not saying anything back.But what I saw was amazing.

We were just above the clouds. The city was out of view now and all I could see was clouds for miles and miles it was so beautiful.

Daemons POV :

I watched as my little sisters eyes opened and her mouth went slightly ajar and she looked around at her surroundings.

I could see a slight glimmer in her eyes as she looked around. I remember my first dragon ride. I was like this too but almost fell off if it wasn't for my mother catching me on her dragon below.

I laughed as she kept taking the surroundings. Untill she suddenly turned to me.

" what's so funny." My sister said to me bluntly.

"Nothing" I siad holding my hand up in defeat. Her hand slipping of my arms as I raised them.

" do you even know my name" she randomly asked me whilst turning back around.

"Mhmmm" I replied simply.

"What is it then."


"Mhmmm" she copied me.
"Daemon" she finished.

I smirked as I signalled for Caraxes to go faster. She quickly held back onto my arm again.

Visenya's POV:

I was still in shock that he even knew my name. I was sure he wouldn't know it. Or would've forgotten it.

As we came to a landing back at the keep Raxes came up to Caraxes and they rubbed heads.

I frowned at the sight as I never had
Any parental affection. I think Daemon noticed this but dismounted Caraxes shortly after and then lifted me down to the floor.

"Did you like it" my brother asked me whilst we walked both dragons back into the depths of the den.

"Yeah it was so much fun, can we do that again!" I asked excitedly.

" I don't know." I frowned at that answer before Daemon stopped and kneeled down in front of me.
"But I promise you I'll be the first person to go on a flight with you and Raxes" he says to me.

I smile again and nod "of course"
I replied.

As Daemon got up and started to leave the den I quickly ran after him and walked beside him slightly behind him. As he was walking really fast.

We were almost at the entrance when I looked outside and released it was practically dark outside.

My eyes widened and I quickly looked around for Henley. But he wasn't here anymore. Oh no I thought to myself supper must of been over 2 hours ago.

" what are you looking for" daemon asked me without stopping or looking at me.

"I was supposed to be back hours ago and my knight is gone." I muttered back.

"We have a family dinner tonight. So don't worry"

"We do?"

"Yes, sadly." He replied.

"Sadly?" I questioned.

"that Hightower Whore will be there." He responded.

"You can't say that farther will have you head."

My brother glanced at me and laughed.
" he wouldn't hurt his sons and plus he couldn't catch me if he wanted to anyway."

"Oh" I said looking down at the floor.

Daemon suddenly stopped walking.
"I need to take my leave now-"

I cut him off by hugging his leg
"Thank you" I muttered.

Before letting go and walking away quickly not looking back but waving slightly.

"Goodbye." I heard him say.

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