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• at the Dragons den •
Visenyas POV :

After Henley brought me to the den I left him outside and two of the dragon keepers walked me into the massive building. It currently housed around 7 of the 13 dragons that the Targaryens own. The others were either out with there other Targaryen riders or in a different keep.

As I walked further into the building the two dragon keepers showed me where raxes was and i also saw that Caraxes was here.

I smiled brightly to myself as I saw them both.

"You can leave now." I told the two keepers. They nooded as they knew I couldn't get hurt by there flames and me and Raxes where very bonded that she would sacrifice her life for me if needs be.

The problem was with Caraxes was that he was a very big dragon. One of the biggest alive today. So I had to be very careful around him. As I am not fully bonded to him Daemon is.

But I'm still pretty confident that Caraxes wouldn't hurt me because I think deep down he knows I'm bonded with Raxes so he wouldn't hurt me.

"Hello Raxes." I spoke softly in Valeryien my thick accent showing through as I spoke. Valeryien was the tongue of the dragon.

"Caraxes" I nodded to him.

Before approaching them both. Raxes immediately nuzzled his face into my side,his head was just a bit bigger then my whole body.

I laughed at his actions. My voice echoed though the almost empty halls.

I then patted Raxes on the head before turning towards Caraxes. Whilst my dragon still stayed by my side nuzzled against me practically lying down now.

I slowly moved away from Raxes towards Caraxes. Before extending my small hand out to his head.

Caraxes moved his head into my Hand
And slowly lied down so his head was was my height.

I smiled brightly at the dragons actions. Glad that he was being so calm with me. He was known to be quite violent with everyone apart from my brother.

"You know you shouldn't play with dragons." A sudden voice startled me, as I was just about to pull my hand away from Caraxes a firm hand griped onto my wrist pulling it away.

And it reminded tightly held onto my wrist. Whoever it was had a strong grip.

Suddenly they applied more pressure to my wrist probably leaving a bruise by now.

I winced at the pain in my wrist and the person suddenly let go  and let my arm drop back to my side.

I looked down at wrist and there was a  massive bruise on it and it hurt.

I then peered up at who it was that did this. As they could get there head cut off for that.

But my eyes widened when I saw my older brother staring back down at me. His purple blue eyes piercing into my own.

"Daemon." I whispered.

He just continued to stare down at me so I stared back.Until he spoke up.

"It's rude to stare at people" he said to me.

"Stop staring at me then" I said back.

He chuckled. Which left me confused.

"Feisty aren't you little sister." He replied with.

Suddenly Raxes came up behind me and bought his head between me and daemon pushing him away from me. Before turning back to my side.

"How did you do that?" Daemon asked me.

"Do what?" I asked. Having no clue what he was talking about.

"Get Caraxes to not try to kill you when you get close to him."

"I don't know, he just lets me." I said not sure on what to reply with.

"Mmmhm" he simply hummed to my answer.
"Interesting" he whispered.Before Turning his attention to Raxes.

"I didn't know you had a dragon what is it called" my brother asked me.

"You don't know lots about me this is the first time we have ever spoke." I replied. He just nodded and continued to look down at me.

"She is called Raxes" I then Carried on.

Daemon laughed again. I honestly don't get what he finds funny.

"Very original" he says with a smirk whilst bending down on his knee and kneeling to my height.

Before talking the wrist he grabbed earlier gently this time.

"sorry" he said. "I thought you were someone else."

"Who did you think I was" I asked curiosity filling me.

"Doesn't matter cause your not them" he said before  dropping my wrist again. And then picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

I screamed "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" But he didn't reply only laughed.

"Have you ever riden a dragon?" He asked me.

"No Raxes is to small yet" I replied
"Can you put me down now?"i asked

" nope" he hummed before turning around and facing Caraxes.

"Want to go for a fly with me" Daemon asked me.

"Will you put me down if I say yes?"


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