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•Stepstone's bay•
Visenya's POV :

I had just landed Raxes and frantically searched for a medicine master until one found me and I quickly handed Daemon over to them. Before walking over to Laenor so he could update me on are current situation.

"Laenor, what is going on? What's are Position?" I questioned him.

"It seems the plan didn't work." His voice sounded truly saddened. "We never calculated that they would have air attack's and almost half the Soldiers have died on the battle Field. We must return home and retreat for now Princess."

"No. Where is Vaegon he will have a plan." Laenor remained silent to the questioned I asked. "Where is he Laenor!" I shouted but deep down I understood what that silence meant.

"He was last seen on the battle field,alone as the ships were leaving. I'm so sorry princess. I-"

I cut him off.

"It's war Laenor. Everyone dies." I breathed out sadly. Tears were starting to appear in the contours of my eyes. I quickly wiped them away my face twisting into an expression of anger. "Its sad because it just hurts." I told him. "But we must continue discussing the battle plans. Retreat is not an option. Father would have are heads for losing his heir and the battle."

I knew my father he really would kill Laenor and possible even me over the loss of his hier. He would still have Daemon though. I guess it's good that Vaegon is out of my way. I am one step closer to the throne now. That's how I must think of his death. A new opportunity for me to be Queen. I replaced all of my Saddened thoughts with that excuse. Anything to push the emotion away.

"How many troops remain." I questioned.

"Around 240. Over half as less as we started this battle with."

"I see. How many available dragons do we have left?" I asked another question.

"Well we have Raxes and Vaegons dragon but you can't seriously be thinking of riding into the battle with two dragons!" Laenor made it sound like I was crazy. I'm not, I'm just angry.

"You forget that one of those dragons is massive and the other will want a bad ass taste for revenge." I replied.
"I am going to do it. Even is I die trying."

"Princess I highly advise-" I cut my second cousin off. "I will be taking no advice from you nor anyone until this war in won under any means necessary." I replied.

He only sighed in reply before asking me what exactly I plan on doing.I planned to ride Raxes through the air straight to the battle whilst lyrax my late brothers dragon will burn the air defences to Ash. Before joining me in killing all of there oh so great army.

That very army shall be nothing but burnt when I am finished today.
A fierce determined expression spread across my face as I mounted Raxes and sent a nod toward Lyrax.

I didn't bother on saying goodbye to Daemon as I was informed an arrow priced his side and he will be out cold for a while before waking up. I was just thankful that my favourite brother wasn't dead.

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