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•small council room•
Daemons POV :
( not edited )

Every dragon Rider of the family and the small council had all Been Called together suddenly for a meeting. No one is sure why as we all await for Viserys to arrive.

Vaegon, lord Colrys, Laena and my sister Visenya where the only known available dragon riders as of current as Laena was with child so therefore couldn't ride her dragon and the others were all occupied with other duties.

But I know Visenya has a mighty dragon bigger then any of the other dragon riders dragons and around the same size as Caraxes. It would be fun to go flying with her again as we did when she was a child.

Father then entered. The room fell silent and we all bowed slightly to him on his entrance except for Vaegon, me and Visenya of course.

"Please take a seat everyone" he spoke up to us all as we all sat down.
I say beside Visenya and opposite Vaegon.

"I have called this meeting to discuss the sudden problems of potential war that we are facing against the pirates of the Narrow seas and there army at the steptones." Viserys spoke.
(Also I know in the series that it is the crab feeder but I changed it)

"Straight to the point as usual father" I replied yawning slightly. I already finding  this meeting to be a bit of a bore.

"If you think war is a joke. Then leave Daemon." Was all he replied to me with.

"I have fought and won many battles and wars. I don't mind a few more farther"

"Then be silent Daemon."

"Of course my grace." I mocked his words smirking.

" we need a plan and we need one fast to prevent full on open war!" Viserys seemed to be rather worried about the whole war situation.

"I have a proposal,your grace." Lord Colrys spoke.

"Speak your mind"The king told him.

"What if we used a bait tactic. We would need a good knight to lead the soldiers and fight some of the pirates. Before we surprise the enemy with three mighty dragons,that shall then arrive and burn them all to ash."

Lord Colrys had a good idea. A good plan for battle and a good set of tactics involved in the plan. If we lured the Pirates out of there caves and into the battle field then they would be open targets. To burn. Of course some of are Soldiers would get burnt to. But only the dumb ones. The smart ones should stay near the back and away from the heat of the fight where they could risk being touched by the line of fire form the dragons.

"I agree with Lord Colrys." My older brother Vaegon replied. "We could use him Laenor as the bait then me, Daemon and Visenya can ride are dragons into the battle field."

"You, Daemon and Visenya?" The king questioned. Vaegon only nodded confused by his farthest question.

"I cannot simply send all three of my heirs to potential death!"

"You also have Aegon your grace." Otto Hightower spoke up.

I scoffed. Of course Otto Hightower Grandfather to Aegon would say that.

"I suppose" was all Viserys replied with.

"So it is decided? Vaegon Daemon and Visenya shall ride dragon back to the Stepstones while I and some soldiers go to be bait to lure them out onto the field of battle." Laenor questioned.

"It would seem so Laenor." Viserys answered. Before muttering a small "it would seem so" again under his breath and signing slightly.

I know he didn't like the idea of sending all his pure heirs into battle but we did have the best and biggest dragons. Well me and Visenya did at least. Vaegons dragon was of average size. Father was clearly worried of sending Vaegon out the most. He probably didn't care much for me and Visenya.

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