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3 years after Queen Aemmas death, The king Visenys took on a new mistress Alicent Hightower a young woman daughter to the hand of the king.

Vaegon and Daemon new of this but never spoke of it as they did disapprove of Alicent but as long as there father was happy they were fine with the arrangement and they thought it meant that there younger sister would have a mother figure.

But they were slightly wrong.

Alicent payed a bit of attention to the young princess at first for a year or so but when Alicent fell pregnant with the Kings child she completely discarded Visenya.

And when Visenya  was 3 years old and just old enough to walk and say some sentences her Father Viserys married Lady Alicent Hightower making her a queen and a Targaryen.

The people however despised Alicent and called there wedding the 'green wedding' claiming it to be boring and there new Queen to be a terrible wife.

The Targaryen family took no notice to those things though.

Alicent gave birth to the illegitimate son of her and Viserys when Visenya was 2 and a half .

They called him Aegon after the great Aegon the Conqueror.

Vaegon and Daemon laughed at the name Alicent choose , seeing that as her  trying to make the people treat her son as a real Prince. The people did and so did the family but Daemon and Vaegon never treated the illegitimate child as a prince and would often ridicule Alicent as they got older and Daemon even gave her many terrible nicknames and titles like 'The whore wife' and many of the people of the cities used the names Daemon called her.

Some time passed between the birth of Aegon the bastard.

But Alicent resented Daemon very much still but nether the less Daemon soon left Kings landing and went to live in Dragon Stone Castle.

• 2 months before Daemon left •
Visenya's POV ( she is 10 right now )

" Septa Septa!" I shouted trying to get the elderly woman's attention.

"Yes my dear child" she replied calmly.

" can I please go out into the garden for a walk I already finished all my sewing work" I pleaded.

My Septer looked out of the window and started out at it for a minute before turning to me once agian.
I smiled brightly to her in hope sof guilt tripping her into letting me go.

"Mmmm alright but only for a little bit child. Be back for supper."

yes I thought to myself.

"Thank you, I promise I will" I said whilst running out of the door of my chambers.

Smiling brightly as I ran down the stairs as the maids and servants stopped to bow to me.

I didn't stop running until I reached the ground floor and then straightened out the hem of my dress and started walking through the tall and short corridors making my way around the great castle.

Until I finally reached the court yard. yes I thought it myself.

Just as I was walking through the large courtyard nearing the passage way hopefully leading me to the dragon keep where all the Targaryens dragons were kept with the dragon tamers.

"PRINCESS!" I suddenly heard someone yelling form the distance behind me.

I turned around and saw Henley Bolten my personal knight placed to protect me at all costs under my eldest brothers Vaegon's orders.

"Yes" I said to him as he finally caught up to me. "You know your very bad at running for a knight" I added.

"You try running in this armour it ways a ton" Henley replied.

"really?" I asked amused.

"Yes, know where are you going princess."

"Just going to see raxes" I replied.

Raxes was my dragon he was only a year old so not very big enough to ride yet but I liked bonding with her so visited the dragon keep whenever I could.

"I need to accompany you princess" Henley told me.

"I know but Raxes doesn't like you very much and she might burn you to bits." I said cheekily.

"Yes, well I will just wait outside the den for you."

I presume Henley was a bit traumatised from what happened last time. You see Raxes tried to bite his hand off when he come near me. So then he vowed never to go into the keep again unless absolutely necessary.

I laughed at the memory.

But one thing about my Dragon always really fascinated me, was that she had two toned scales of black and red just like my older brother Daemons dragon Caraxes.

I don't think my older brother Daemon likes me very much but it doesn't bother me as we have never really spoken. He only glances at me sometimes when there is an occasional family feast.

I named my dragon after his dragon Caraxes in hopes that he might talk to me about the dragons if I did but he didn't.

Another reason to the name Raxes for my dragon was that Daemons dragon was also one of Raxes parents . So I sometimes saw Caraxes on my way out of the keep going to raxes and I even petted Caraxes once too it felt nice. His scales where surprising very soft for a dragon.

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