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•banquet hall•
Visenya's POV:

I walked through the great doors to the banquet room. I heard a servant call out me and Aegons name upon are entry.

And everyone turned there heads towards us. After all he was the bastard child of the whore and I was their only princess.

Everyone started to chatter.I could hear a few.

"The princess looks so well and beautiful"

"I wonder why she hasn't made any further public appearances yet"

"Look at the bastard"

I felt sorry for Aegon, after all it wasn't his fault he was a bastard.

Everyone's attention went off us when they announced Vaegon and Laena's arrival.

Me and Aegon walked over to farther to pay are respects.

"Farther" we said in unison whilst I curtsied and Aegon bowed.

"I didn't expect you to both come here together" I turned to see Aunties son Laenor.

Are farther had already turned his full attention back to the current Lord Stark of Winterfell.Whilst me and Aegon talked to Laenor.

"I didn't either" I muttered just so Laenor could hear.

He Laughed at my remark leaving Aegon confused.

As the conversation carried on I got bored. Chiming in to it by saying a few words every now and then.

My eyes searched the room scanning for Daemon or Vaegon.

I wanted to talk to Daemon but I also hadn't seen Vaegon in quite some time as he was living in Driftwood now with his wife Laena.

My eyes landed on Daemon but he was leaning against the wall talking to a very pretty woman. She looked like the daughter of a middle class lord. Way to low ranks for Daemon.

I was confused at the interaction. She kept laughing at what he said and touching his arm.Daemon was smiling.

"Visenyaaaa" someone sung.

I looked around and saw dear friend Evelyn Mormont and her younger twin brother Jonah.

" Evie!" I said surprised to her before bringing her in to a hug.

"I had no idea that you would be here." I smiled at her.

"Me too it was very last minute but I'm so glad your here. It was getting boring watching Jonah sulk around." She whispered the last part of the sentence to me.

You see I was around 3 years Evelyn and Jonah's junior but we are still very close and write to each other often.

"Leanor im going to talk with my friend, you can just leave Aegon here if you want to." I sent him a close eyed smile. Trying to show him I don't want to be around Aegon.

He chuckled again. "Aegon, let's go see auntie" Laenor nodded to me before leaving with Aegon.

" I have so much to tell you." Evie said to me.

"Me too !" I whispered into her ear and then we both laughed. Leaving Jonah utterly confused.

We then walked to a corner of the grand room and started talking.

"I have gotten quite close with my brother. Daemon." I said

"What, really! What is he like? All the ladies talk about his handsomeness in court." She laughed.

"Mhmm I suppose" I looked at the spot where he was before but he was gone. Oh. Before I continued
"He is very nice." I said a bit disappointed that he left.

"But he didn't tell me he was leaving. So I haven't spoken to him in a while."

"Evie." Jonah started to talk. Before he pointed over to the other side of the hall. " that's Lord trywen Lannister. Your betrothed."

"what." Evie replied with.

"You have a betrothed!" I said Shocked.

"Yes,sadly I only found out a few weeks ago."

"Why didn't you write and tell me."

"Because i dont want to marry him. I haven't even spoken to him before so I have no idea what he is like either."

"Well I suppose we are just going to have to speak with him then" I replied.


"Don't worry, if You introduce yourself with me by your side then they will think very highly of you" I said whilst laughing.

"I think it's a good idea princess" Jonah spoke.

"See,even Jonah agrees"

"Fine but if I grab your arm then it means I want to leave." I agreed to Evelyn's words. So we made are way over to Lord Trywen.

" Lord Trywen" I spoke to him. "It's a pleasure to meet my dear friend's betrothed."

"Princess" he bowed showing respect.
"Evelyn." He nodded his head whilst smiling at her.

"Hello my Lord I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself sooner." Evie siad whilst smiling.

"It's not a problem I'm glad you approached me. I hope to get to know you before the engagement." He beamed down at Evelyn.

I saw Vaegon out the corner of my eye.

"If you do excuse me I must talk to my brother." I said before leaving Evelyn and Jonah.

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