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•1 day before Daemons leave •
Visenya's POV :

I was in my chambers waiting for my Septer to walk me down to the banquet tonight.

Since I got punished for not coming back form the dragon keep till night time. I still have no clue how I got back to my chambers but it doesn't bother me that much.

But nether the less my punishment meant I couldn't leave my chambers without a Septer. So I haven't really seen any of my family recently.

There was still a few more hours until the banquet would start though. Apparently lots of people are coming and there might even be a party. I'm not sure why. No body told me who the banquet is in honour for yet.

I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard knocking at my door.

"Enter" I said. Not expecting to see ny half-brother enter.

"What do you-" he cut me off Mid sentence.

"Farther says we should spend more time together, so I thought we could go and play together in the gardens." He said whilst beaming.

"Why would I want to."

"I-I just thought since you haven't really left left your room recently that you might want to, sorry." Aegon muttered the sorry at the end and stared down at his shoes.

Well it's not like I have any thing  better to do.

"Fine, but I'm not playing a stupid game."

I watched as Aegon's head lifted and he smiled at me.

"There not stupid!" He said still beaming.

"Come on." He offered me his hand

I just walked past him and out the door. It's not like the Septer can tell me off if farther wanted me to play with Aegon.

My younger half-brother suddenly sprinted past me before he started to  walk just beside me looking forward.

"Are you coming to feast later Visenya?"

I don't know why but I always hated the way he said my name. It just sounds so annoying when he says it.


"Are you sad about Daemon leaving?" He asked.

I stopped.


"Did you not know,the feast is for him as he is leaving for Dragons Stone castle to stay for a few years." He said whilst staring up at me.

"no, he didn't tell me." I muttered.

"Well it's fine we can always just hang out more-"

"Im sorry Argon but I really have to go back to my Septer lessons. I'll see you later though."I lied trying to get away.

"There's no point now. The feast starts soon."

What,but I need to talk to Daemon.

"It's alright sister we can sit by each other and talk more at the feast" Aegon said.

"Aegon. Don't ever call me your sister again." This is all Alicent's fault I bet she told farther to send Daemon away.

"Sorry i just thou-"

"I will not be sitting by you at the feast." I spoke before walking away from him.

"Why." He sounded hurt.

"Because I want to talk to Daemon I haven't spoken to him yet and he is leaving soon." It was pretty obvious I was sad so why won't he shut up.

"Oh okay"

"Look I'll talk with you later." I felt a bit of remorse for Aegon. After all it is his mothers fault not his so I tried to re assure him. "I'll sit by you at a different family feast." I spoke before I left to go and speak to Daemon.

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