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•(time skip) 3 years after Daemon left•

Note: this is where the action and slight gore shall now begin ;)

Visenya's POV :

It had been quite some time since I last saw both of my older brothers
Vaegon was busy with his new son and duty on the small council and Daemon was still at Dragon Stone castle. He hasn't written back to Any of my letters. I still think about him often I'm not sure why though,but it feels like he never really left.

Aegon is becoming very annoying as we now have to practice Sword skills together. Which isn't usually allowed for girls but since I'm a dragon rider I have to. I had some natural talent at it just like my other brothers but I wasn't as good as Daemon and just below Vaegons level. I hope to challenge them both one day. Aegon doesn't have much talent but he isn't the worst.

Raxes has grown a lot. She is almost suited to ride. The keepers say she is going to be a very large dragon just like Caraxes but probably no bigger then Caraxes. They also say I can ride her when ever I am ready but I still want to wait for my brother. He promised me after all.

Vaegon and Laena had a son, Lucerys and she is with child again now.

Lucerys is very nice but not as intelligent as me at that age. In fact he isn't even as Intelligent as Aegon at that age. He shows little to none signs of being a good heir and I know everyone thinks that. Still No one says anything about it. Laena is very protective of her dear son so if you insult him then Vaegon would probably challenge you.

I don't really care though I have insulted their son before. Leana heard this and does not like me very much anymore but Vaegon wouldn't believe that I said such a thing like that so I was fine.
I knew my brother wouldn't do anything to me.

I have continued to ridicule and stop any attempts Alicent makes to take Daemons position and put Aegon there. So Aegon remans a illegitimate child of the crown.

Many of the family feasts now end in silence after me and Alicent have argued. I usually win and I think the other family members have noticed this as many of them have also joined the arguments. If anything I think even they believe I would make a good hier but just don't say it.

I have been manipulating towards a lot of my family members. Not all though Auntie and uncle, I left them alone.

All I needed was a majority of my family to see that I am a suitable hier and hopefully they will choose my side if there ever is a battle for the throne.

I am fine with seeing my older brothers or me on the throne but anyone else like Aegon I am not fine with. But since Vaegons son is very dense I won't agree to him being on the throne until he has a better hier.

And I know sooner rather then later Alicent will change the line of Targaryen succession with me being at the bottom I presume.

• banquet hall •

I wondered why there was such a sudden family banquet call. So when I arrived to see no food or plates set out I was confused. There was only a singular letter in front of my Farther.

"Sorry im Late. Raxes wouldn't let me leave." I said taking my seat by Aegon and auntie.

"As you are probably all wondering why I called you here there is a family matter to discuss."

We all remained silent. A few nods being exchanged from some family members.

"I have decided who I want to marry Aegon to and it shall happen in 3 months." Farther spoke.

"Who?" Auntie asked.

But I think we all knew who farther was talking about.

I hated where this was going.

" Visenya." He said.

" really!" Aegon asked he seamed to be smiling a lot.

"Yes Aegon. This will mean you will become 3rd in line to the throne." Alicent said.

"No. He will still remain 5th in line."I spoke up looking at Alicent dead in the eye.

She just scoffed. "That isn't for you to decide."

"Well it isn't for you to decide either."I said back.

"Daemon is 3rd in line and I am 4th making Aegon 5th. What you are proposing is that any person who would marry into are family would have a higher claim to the throne then the own heirs and first borns of the king." I spoke with spite but remained a powerful tone.

"That ridiculous." I added.

Alicent didn't say anything back to me. Thank the gods. I was so tired of arguing with her horrible points.

"What Alicent said it partially true. We shall be discussing it more when Daemon arrives." The king spoke again.

A smile appeared on my face at the mention of my older brother.
I was about to ask more about Daemon but Vaegon beat me to it.

"Daemon is returning?" He asked.

"Yes he said he wanted to talk to me before Aegon and Visenya's wed it seemed rather urgent in his letter." So I agreed.

I stood up making everyone look at me suddenly. I wanted to leave I hated this conversation of me marrying Aegon it made me want to be sick.
Although I was very happy about Daemons Return.

"Sister what is wrong?" Aegon asked me. I stared down at him. I thought about what to do. But then remembered what my farther once told me 'actions speak louder then words'.

I smirked before I reached forward. Grabbing Aegons head and slamming it against the table.

I heard everyone gasp. Before Alicent screamed running over to Aegon.
She pushed me away from him. Everyone still sat still in shock.

I looked over to Aegon who in my opinion looked fine he only had a bleeding nose and a small bruise on the side of his temple.

"Viserys," Alicent called to her husband.
"Do something" she cried.

"Wish all do respect farther I was only doing what you told me. 'Actions speak louder then words." I repeated his words.

"I refuse to marry Aegon. It would mean that are Kin would be in pure and not full Targaryen." I added.

To mine and everyone else's surprise my farther laughed.

"If you do not wish to marry Aegon that much, I will need a stronger  reason." He spoke. " As Aegon still remains Hald Targaryen."

I could see Alicent cradling Aegon in utter shock at my actions. The whole family new I could argue like a king. But they hadn't seen my violent side before.

" I don't wish to marry someone weak like Aegon." I said.

"Aegon will grow stronger." My farther replied with. So he does want me to marry Aegon I thought.

I turned around to leave but finished my argument by saying
"Aegon will never be as strong as Daemon." And then I left the room.

I think only a few people in that room understand what I meant. My farther definitely did at least.

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