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•the banquet hall•
Visenya POV :

I was being accompanied by my Septer who was scolding me after a long lecture about how I shouldn't of stayed out that late especially when I had the family dinner to get ready for.

I wasn't really listening as I looked out the windows at the stary night sky.

"Do you understand Visenya" she asked me stopping and grabbing my shoulders. So I was now facing her straight on.


" what did I say then Visenya." She bluntly asked me. But was cut off by my fathers cousin.

"Visenya , up to no good again?" Rhaeny's 'the Queen that never was' asked me.

I laughed slightly.
"Nothing much auntie." I replied whilst smiling a light smile towards her.I always called her auntie as she was my late mothers sister and did care a lot for me after my mother died as her two children where already grown up around my eldest brother Vaegon's age. Infact Vaegon and aunties eldest daughter laena where married recently.

" I will take her to the banquet" Rhaenys told my Septer. Who just bowed and left us.

"Auntie you won't believe what happened today" I said enthusiastically as the banquet doors opened. But I was interrupted by the other prince.

"Yay sister is here" he said as he got up from his mothers lap and ran over to me. This was prince Aegon the bastard child.

I hated him so much.

I still don't understand why he likes me and I can't do anything about it because of Alicent. She had farther under her little spell of doing anything she says to do with his children.

Which only really includes me as Vaegon was an adult and so was Daemon but he probably wouldn't listen to her anyways.

Aegon hugged me and just as Alicent turned around to talk to my Farther again. I shoved him off me and pushed him to aunties side and walked away from them to my seat.

Both my brother and and all the velaryons saw the action but I didn't care as long as Farther and Alicent didn't know I hated him then it was fine.

I looked up and saw daemon smirking at my action but payed no attention to it.

As I was about to sit down in my usual chair. By auntie and laenor her eldest son. He was nice but there are many rumours about him liking men. I don't really care about the rumours though. Aunties husband sat opposite me. With farther and Alicent sitting at the head of the table. Usually.

But for some reason, everyone had changed seats.

I was moved to the seat next to father at the end of the table.Alicent and farther sat by each other at the head of the table with me sat by them with daemon sat opposite me and i was right next to Aegon. Oh no.

Auntie and all her family along with my other brother where sat at the other end.

And by Aegon was Alyssa she was currently pregnant with Baelons child who was sat opposite us. This is just the family members that aren't married off to other houses.

So mostly everyone sat at this table has a claim to the throne.

That was the problem for me. I want to be queen. But I'm currently 3rd in line. As Vaegon is 1st then Daemon but I think Daemon will take away his claim as he doesn't want to be king he just wants money and whores from what I hear. Then me. But if Aegon became legitimate then I would be 4th in line.

Thats why I hate Alicent and Aegon cause they are like snakes they slivered into are family and are festering and making us all tainted.

I was pulled from my thoughts as the food was served. But we can't eat until the king has his first bite.

Father suddenly cleaned his throat gaining everyone's attention.

"I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on something we have been considering."

"What is it my grace" aunties husband Lord Colrlys asked.

"Me and Alicent want to make Aegon legitimate. So he will be 1st in line"

So I see Alicent has talked and tried to manipulate him into making Aegon heir.

"1st?" My eldest brother questioned.

"Yes. Since he has the most claim to the throne as of right now" Alicent replied.

I knew no one would say no to this idea except maybe Daemon but he doesn't really care. The thing is taht Alicent can probably have certain people in are families heads if she wanted the king to order it. And know that she has him wrapped around her finger Farther probably would and everyone here has something to lose so no one will speak up.

It's a bull shit system. We all know that Aegon has the least claim out of all of Viserys children.

He wasn't as pure as me,Vaegon and Daemon, as he didn't have full Targaryen blood running through him like we did.

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