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•Kings Landing•
Visenya's POV:

I didn't seem to feel many of the injures that I had gotten whilst in battle. But as soon as I peeled the armour away form my sweat and blood ridden skin it was very visible that I had a slash down my neck to my shoulder blade. It wasn't that bad and would only need a little treatment. It would surely leave a scar.

I sighed. Princess shouldn't have scars they are deemed slightly tainted if they have scars. Or if they were to have sex before marrying. I suppose no one would really know about my scar except the maids that bathe me so it should be alright.

After all I will have there heads for spreading gossip about me. So I shouldn't worry about them telling anyone.

I still hadn't talked or seen father. From what I heard he is distraught from the news of Vaegons passing.

I felt sorry for Laena. She and Vaegon were truly in love. A couple that all the seven kingdoms would chat about. She was said to have tried to jump from the towers window when she heard the news before her brother Laenor stopped her and reminded her of Lucreys. Lucreys there child still had a claim to the throne but only time will tell to who Father is to name his new heir.

I'm sure that Laena will want her Lucreys to be hier and I'm also sure that Alicent will want Aegon. It all depends on who farther wants know. He doesn't like Daemon very much from what I have seen. So I have a good chance of being the hier or at least in a good line of succession.

But my mind never the less dwelled around my late brother. I missed him so much, there was a great hole in my heart despite not being close to him for the past few years I will always remember how he comforted me when I was a young child.

•throne room•
Daemons POV:

I was summoned to the throne room to talk to father despite being injured at the battle I was healing fast. I was Targaryen after all. I was told that Visenya had saved me. I was glad but I knew that Vaegons passing was partly her fault. I did not care though. I was just thankful that she did help me. I was never overly close with Vaegon I was always closer to Visenya. I was sure of one thing ,I would not blame Visenya for Vaegons death.

As I entered the throne from Viserys was sat on the throne with Alicent rubbing his shoulder whilst standing beside her husband. He had his head in his hands whilst muttering things to him self under his breath like a mad man.

I looked over to my right and saw Laena,Laenor and there parents, lord Corlys and Rhaenys 'the queen that never was'.

I stood just below the steps waiting for father to say something. We all waited for a few seconds until the silence was Brocken by the doors opening once more.And in walked my little sister. Visenya.

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