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•banquet hall•
Vaegon's POV:

I saw Visenya approaching me and Laena form the other side of the room.

"Brother" Visenya said to me.

"Pleasure as always, Visenya" I said back to her smiling.

"Visenya, I didn't know you knew the Mormont children?" Laena my wife questioned Visenya.

"Yes I am very close with them both, we are childhood friends."

"How are you dear sister I haven't seen you for quite some time."

"I'm alright, but I didn't know Daemon was leaving, no one told me"
She said back.

I was surprised Daemon didn't tell her as I am pretty sure they had been getting closer recently.

"Daemon didn't tell you himself?" I questioned.

"No." She said with a hint of sadness just noticeable in her tone.

I'm a bit angry with Daemon he should of told her.

But instead he went off with some lady to fuck before the banquet. Claiming to me that there will be no beautiful woman in Dragon Stone castle.

He has always been like this with woman though. I'm not that surprised. He only wants woman and money. Many people know this.

"Well I can go find him for you if you want to keep Laena company for a while." I told her

She smiled back up at me.
"Of course"

I kissed Laena on her temple before leaving them and the hall to go find Daemon.

Visenya's POV:

"I'm glad your marriage with brother is still going strongly" I spoke to Leana.

"Thank you princess." She smiled back to me.

"Do you want to know a secret?" She whispered quietly.

"What?yes! " I asked curiously.

She whispered in my ear
"I'm with child"

My smile fell from my face before I put on a fake one.No.That would mean that id she had a son I would be 4th in line not 3rd not to mention if she had more children.

I kept on my fake smile though.
"That's amazing laena! Congratulations. Do you think it is a son or daughter?" I asked.

"I'm positive it is a son. The second hier to the iron throne." She spoke whilst staring at the throne.

" I'm so happy for you and Vaegon, does he know?"

"Not yet, I've been scared to tell him. I'm not sure of his reaction." Her face twisted into worry.

"Of course he will be happy. You are already providing him with heirs." I said beaming up to Laena.
"You should tell him after Daemon leaves." I continued.

"Yes I agree, thank you for this Visenya you really eased my nerves"

I just nodded whilst smiling at her.
I don't like the thought of her having a son. But I'll have to myself about it.

"I'm going to go get some fresh air" I told Leana before waking out of the hall.

I saw a window sill and sat on it my legs dangling over the edge out of the window looking at the stars.

I brought one of my legs up and rested my face on my knee and sighed.

This is bad. Daemon is leaving and Laena is pregnant. That means Alicent will probably try to take Daemons spot on the line of succession for Aegon. I can't let that happen. I won't see a bastard king on the throne.The problem is that even if I got rid of Aegon I would still have to deal with Vaegon and his unborn child. I don't think I could do that to Vaegon.

And I definitely couldn't hurt Daemon just to be queen.

I sighed heavily but then I felt someone else's presence behind me.

"Who's there" I said not bothering to turn around.

Until I felt someone hug me from behind wrapping there arms around my shoulders and resting there head on my shoulder.

I saw there white wispy long hair and immediately new it was Daemon.

"What's wrong little sister" he asked me.

I stayed silent. I was mad at him for not telling me about leaving.

"I might not see you again." I muttered quietly.

"Mmmm, I suppose but I did promise you that I would ride Raxes with you first."

I almost forgot about Daemons promise to me that happened a few months ago. So much has changed since then.

"You don't mean that though."

"I do and if you think I'm lying then come visit me at Dragon Stone Castle when your older."

"But that's years away"

Daemon let go of me and leaned against the windowsill.

"When your older we can do more things together."

"I'll be busy when I'm older. Farther will probably marry me to Aegon."

"Why do you think that?" Daemon asked me.

"Because Aegon would be closer to the throne for Alicent and Aegon practically loves me already. It's annoying. I hate it when he calls me his sister." I say my grip on the stone I'm sitting on becoming tighter.

"I won't let farther marry you to Aegon."


"Because I dont think Raxes and Caraxes would be happy not being able to see you that much any more."

I smiled at the mention of the dragons.

"I suppose"

I jumped down from the window. So both my feet where now on the floor.
I then turned to face Daemon and hugged his waist.

"Please don't go."I begged my voice cracking slightly.

He chuckled.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine Visenya."
He smiled down at me but never retuned the hug he just stood there.

•time skip the next morning•

"Please Septer" I begged her
"This will be the last time I see my brother and Caraxes for years."

"Fine. But if your not back in an hour then I will never let you leave your room agian. And I mean it this time."

Daemons POV:

"Good bye Raxes" I spoke in Valerien to her.

"Look after Visenya, for me." I told Raxes.

Before I exited the keep and got ready to leave Kings Landing.I was surprised that Visenya didn't come down here to say goodbye to me. But I didn't expect her to.

I mounted Caraxes. But he refused to fly.
"Caraxes, go." I said my Valerien.
He growled in response but it was a sad low growl.

"Visenya will visit us. I promise." I lied to my dragon since Farther would never allow her to go to Dragon Stone castle to see me.

He would probably be very suspicious as well if Visenya kept visiting me. But I told her she could to make her feel better. It's not like she would listen to Farther any way.

As Caraxes started to flap his wings I turned my head to look at the castle again.

And just as Caraxes started to fly away I saw her.


She was running down to the keep. Until she looked up and stoped.
She didn't wave or do anything she just watched as Caraxes and I left.

I didn't turn back around after that.

Goodbye. Visenya.

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