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( the dress Visenya is wearing under her armour)
•Dragons keep•
Visenya's POV :

I was leaving against on of the tall walls of the dragon keep watching as Vaegon said goodbye to his wife and son Lucerys. And as Daemon kissed his new wife of only a few months Lyra Bolton. He had arrived from Dragon stone with her. Many of the maids gossiped a lot and apparently Lady Lrya is actually just a whore.

I can't lie jealousy did wash over me when I first saw her with Daemon. I dont know why. I presume it's just because Daemon was one of the few people that cared for me. My own Father didn't even show up to show me off. He only offered his condolences to us all at the feast last night in are honour.

I was upset no one I knew cared enough to come and say goodbye to me. I sighed before pushing myself of the wall I was leant against and walked my way towards Daemon.

Let's see what Lady Lyra is really like.

"Hello Lady Lyra." I smiled towards her. She took a step back from Daemon before talking.

"I'm sorry I don't believe I know you?" Was all she replied. Turning to face Daemon again totally ignoring my presence.

I glazed at Daemon who was also looking at me I widened my eyes at him trying to get him to introduce myself to Lyra.

"Lyra,my love" he smirked at her and she laughed back to him. "This is my younger sister Visenya."

"So your the sister I hear so much about"she turned to face to face me once more. Her face smiled at me but her voice was definitely cold towards me.

"Yes I suppose"

"Well it's my pleasure to meet you Visenya." She then faces Daemon yet again. Why the bell does she keep trying away from me. Maybe she is a whore. She has no manners.

Daemon noticed my angry angered and slightly sad expression as he then told his wife "Lyra maybe you should go back to the castle now, I have lots of war plans to talk to my sister about" he's lying. We already know the plans.

"Well I can stay-" I cut her off Berger she could finish. "Very secret war plans" I faked a smile towards her.

She then kissed Daemon again. She is clearly very clingy I thought. Must be so annoying.

"Now now little dragon" Daemon started to talk. "Jealously isn't a good colour on you" he smirked.

"Jealousy?" I questioned "that was not jealously brother. She was an ill mannered lady. Are you sure she isn't a whore?"

As Daemon went to speak he was cut off by someone calling my name. It was Aegon.


"Sister!" He screamed running down to me. By now everyone was staring at him. Idiot.

"Yes, Aegon?" I asked the young Prince.

I found him slightly less insufferable ever since I smashed his head into a table. I won't lie it was very therapeutic. But I have realised that he isn't that bad and a lot his actions was just his mothers manipulation.

"I wanted to wish you luck on your first battle!" He exposed rather excited. Aegon was only around 2 years younger then me so we were kind off close.

I was happy that he had come to wish me well. No one else did. It actually meant a lot to me. So I smiled at him something I rarely do to Aegon.

"Thank you."I felt the need to repay him for making me happy so I finally agree all these years called him my brother. "Brother."
He smiled so brightly at my words and ran up and hugged me. A bit far Aegon but since I was about to possibly die I hugged him back. I could feel Everyone around me and Aegons stares and shocked faces.

"Aegon I'm never going to ever hug you again but thank you for wishing me well. Now run along home" I told him to which he nodded and I watched as he ran back to Kings Lading. Turning around once to wave at me.

I then glanced at Daemon he was glaring daggers at Aegons back as he ran away.

"Jealousy doesn't suit you Brother" I mocked whilst smirking. Daemon laughed at my statement before he also hugged me. That came as a surprise to me. He then leaned into my neck and whispered "don't die Visenya."

"We will be on the dragons the whole time Daemon stop worrying." I said whisky pulling out of his hold.

"I know but still incase anything goes wrong come fine me."

"Daemon we are entering an open war of course things will go wrong. I will just have to fight if the worst happens but I can fight so i will be fine." I defending. I sent one final smile towards my brother before mounting Raxes as Vaegon was preset waiting for us on his dragon.

"Please keep her safe oh great gods. Please keep little dragon safe." Daemon muttered for none to hear as he also mounted his dragon Caraxes.

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