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The king Viserys Targaryen ruled with his cousin-wife Aemma Targaryen for many years. In those years Aemma bared him with two beautiful heirs in a short period of time,Vaegon and Daemon.Vaegon was the older of the two brothers by 3 years and therefore the heir to the iron throne by birth right and Daemon was to be a dragon rider and a great knight.

Viserys and Aemma wanted to have another child but child birth and pregnancy never came easily to Aemma, so they were advised not to have any more kin. This saddened Queen Aemma but she was contempt with her two sons so agreed.

But after 12 years Aemma fell pregnant again. Viserys believed this was a blessing form the gods and they both accepted the new child and threw many feasts and duals in the babe's name.

Vaegon wasn't bothered by having a new sibling as he was already the heir to the throne and he seemed to be his father's favourite child out of the two sons.

Daemon however wasn't sure how to feel. He felt slight resentment towards the babe as it was taking his mothers attention away from him but also happy to have another sibling.He hoped for it to be another son so he could play with him as Vaegon never wanted to seeing as he only wanted to train in swordsmanship and history.

But on the 8th moon of Aemma's pregnancy she fell into Labour.

It was a hard and painful pregnancy so she the dear queen knew it would be a hard birth but she hadn't expected it so soon.

Aemma stayed in Labour for 2 days before the babe Evan started to be delivered. The sept grew very worried at the strange Labour.

So on the 3rd day of Labour they had to made the decision to forcefully get the babe out to ensure it's safety as this was what Queen Aemma wished for.

King Viserys stayed by queen Aemma's side through the whole Labour.

Evan until the Queen sadly took her last breath as she held onto her new crying daughter.Visenya Targaryen.

• Time skip : 1 day later •

Daemons POV :

Me and Vaegon were practicing are sword skills with each other when a maid came over to us.

"Excuse me my princes" she bowed.

"What is it" my brother replied to her.

"Your presence has been requested in the throne room by the king."

"Oh, tell him I shall be there right away" Vaegon replied.

"I'm sorry my prince but his grace requested to see both of the young princes." The maid added.

Father wanted to see me to? Why? He never wants to see me he doesn't Evan care about me like he does with Vaegon his precious hier.

"We will go there right away" I chimed in.

As the maid bowed and walked away I couldn't help but wonder what my father really wanted from us both. Maybe mother has finally given birth and he wants to show us are new sibling. I smiled at the thought.

"Brother let's go" Vaegon said while dropping the wooden sword we were sparing together with.

I nodded and we headed to the throne room together.

• Throne room •
Normal POV :

As Vaegon and Daemon walked into the large hall with the mighty iron throne sat at the opposite end they couldn't help but feel eerie at the tension around the room.

It was filled with the all the small council members and a maid holding a young babe but there mother was no where in sight.

As they approached the throne Vaegon broke the silence
"What's going on Father? Where is mother, how is are new sibling doing?" He asked with a huge grin.

But their fathers face was filed with pain and anger. As he sat on the throne rubbing his temples with his thumb and finger.

"Be quite boy."the King replied with not Evan bothering to look up.

Vaegon face dropped form a smile to a straight line. Otto Hightower then spoke up.

"Your mother, Queen Aemma sadly died yesterday shortly after giving birth." Otto cleared his throat before continuing " to your new younger sister. Visenya Targaryen."

The young princes had very different reactions. Vaegon being the older one at 10 and 4 (14) stayed composed and stayed facing forward his face displaying no emotions.

Daemon however being a young child still at the age of 10 fell to the floor speechless. A few loose tears escaped his eyes but not many.

King Viserys briefly looked up at his two sons. Before Turing to face the maid holding Visenya. He sighed before getting off the throne and walking over to his sons. Patting Vaegon on the back and walking straight past Daemon and out of the room to his chambers.

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