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•Stepstones •
Visenya's POV :

I bought my brothers head back to Laenor and the troops so father can see his Heirs head from the bloody battle and have some remorse for us all instead of trying to punish us for almost failing.

Daemon had been sent back with the troops to kings landing and me and Laenor rode Lyrx and Raxes back.

Caraxes was missing after he flew away from his spot on the hills and went off to who knows where. I doubt he will ever come back to Daemon as when a dragon get injured they can stay away for up to 10 years before feeling the need to returns to there rider. But I guess Daemons bond with him is rather strong so maybe he shall return. Only time will tell.

I hadn't seen my brother for awhile and I was very worried for him. He took an arrow to the chest, but it missed us heart so he should live was what the people treating him told me.
But I was still overly on edge from the events of Stepstones.

I lost my brother Vaegon and Daemon
was injured. And I knew that Vaegons death was my fault. If I had left Daemon than he would still be alive but if I went with Veagon then I would doom Daemon. I can never seem to win in this life.

I was sad. So sad about my eldest brothers death. I felt like a piece of me was missing. But I can't let other people know. If I wish to be Queen someday than this must of been a sign. A blessing from the gods even. They have given me this chance. This step closer to the throne. It didn't feel like a blessing though. It felt cruel to even think that about my brothers death. So I pushed the thoughts of the crown away.

Vaegon truly meant a lot to me. I will never smile the way I smiled with him.

I don't know what possessed me to save Daemon and this unknown feeling and action scared me deep down. I just wanted him to be safe.

( short filler chapter ig sorry more chapters soon :)

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