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•Dragons den•
Daemon's POV :

As me and Caraxes entered the den I noticed he seemed extra energetic.

"What is it boy" I spoke in valieryien my accent showing through.

Suddenly Caraxes went over to Raxes and lied down by her and he made a small roar belfre putting his head down.

I took it as a sign for me to come closer. What I didn't expect to see was my very little sister that I had been thinking about.

I clicked my tough against the bridge on my mouth making a clicking noise. "Visenya."

I looked down to see my sister cuddled up with the dragons. I smiled at the sight finding it kind of funny to see a princess basically sleeping in a stable.

I lightly chuckled to myself quietly.

Before making my way to Visenya.
But Raxes tail moved in front of me blocking my way.

"Raxes I'm bringing her back inside." I said in Valerien

His tail didn't move an inch.

"Raxes, she could get sick staying out here." I continued to speak quietly in dragon tongue.

Until she eventually moved her tail out of the way.

I lifted Visenya up carefully making sure not to wake her up and then carried her out of the dragon keep.In bridal stance.

Once we made it back to kings landing it was very late so I didn't bother on waking up any of the servants to take her back to her room.

So after walking up lots of steps and along lots of varies corridors. We made it back to her room.

I gently laid my sister down in her bed before bringing the covers up to cover her.

"Who would know you would be the one to make Alicent so jealous of you she practically envy's you" I siad whilst smiling.

"And you don't Evan know why" I laughed, "not many can see it anyway."

Visenya suddenly stirred in her sleep.

"What" she mumbled half asleep her eyes slowly opening.

"Dont worry just go to sleep."


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