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I noticed that I made tons of errors in the story before so author needs to edit some chapters:')

Also, I found a copy paste app for the story so I can re-write it again!

I just wanna remind everyone who's been waiting for the next chapter and thank you so much for 100k reads>< I also wanna say Thank you to the original author because they let me re-write this as a Mina and Chaeyoung version!

(Make sure to follow them and read the original story here: Peavey_sensei )

Please remember that this book is 100% accepted by the original author, I've asked the real author about the remake and I promised to give credit to every chapter I post.

I hope everyone is healthy and please watch the new Twice TTT every friday!!


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For those who keep on saying that I need to edit the book again, yeah sure I will but the problem is because the app I used made me stressed my ass out and it sometimes puts the original name back again. It pisses me off. But don't worry I will edit these again and I hope author didn't disappoint you all readers... I guess I'm old hahaha😢 Time flies so fast, I don't even know that it was really 2022, guess I was stuck in 2021, I also have a girlfriend which I hangout alot with even she's busy with her games😭 Also I'm a bit embarrassed because of the comments I see for example, "Girl edit these books" or "Bruh this is so confusing guess ill just blah blah blah" it makes me anxious sometimes that's why I check the book three times 🏃🏻‍♀️ Author has a problem reading so understand author please!! TT,,,,,

That's all for Monday news!
Seee yaaa<3

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