Chapter 7

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What a great day it is. First, I was stood up with my date today and now my crush just appeared in front of me saying she's here with someone. Not just someone but Kunpimook Bhuwakul or bambam whatever. Her fucking suitor.

He's wearing denim polo and pants, completing his outfit with white shoes which attract a lot of girls here.

Plus, his perfume is too strong! The heck? It's invading my nostrils and my nose is starting to itch!

I think I need to wear my mask.

I'm glaring at him, even almost growl like a mad tiger, trying to scare the stranger coming to my owner. He notices that as he looks at me in confusion.

"Bambam, you're here." Mina interrupts our staring contest as she goes to the man's side with a gummy smile.

I feel like someone just squeeze my heart as my insides churn. I look away.

"Sorry, I was a bit late." He smiles back at her.

I internally scream when I see him placing his filthy hand on Mina's waist. I put my hand behind me, clenching my fist so tight.

I'm okay. I'm not hurt. I'm not affected.

"Do you know her?" His eyes then meet mine as he points at me while talking to Mina who nods.

"Yes." And she walks towards me as she clings to my arm tightly, making my arm resting in between her mounds.

I gulp. Isn't she mad at me? Or was she even mad at me in the first place?

I was then interrupted when Mina cleared her throat. "Bambam? This is Son Chaeyoung. Nayeonie's cousin and my friend."

A Friend.

I am just a friend to her. Hah! Of course, I am. Just what did I expect her to introduce me to him?

I take a deep breath as I felt Mina's stares on me. I met her eyes that always make me drown. But I felt her thumb brushing my arm, enough to swoop my worries away.

"And Chaeyoung? He's Bambam. Seoul's All-boys High's student council president." I look at him, and he's smiling brightly.

"Hello, Chaeyoung. I'm Bambam. Nice to meet you." He offers his hand to me which I accept it.

"Nice to meet you, Bambam." He bows, and we immediately let go of our hands as we face Mina who's smiling at me.

I smile back at her when my smile fades and turns into a clenched jaw when Bambam holds her waist again.

Get your hands off of her!

"Chaeyoung-ah, what brought you here?" Mina asks me, and I smile at her until I realize what I just had put myself into. I swallow a lump.

The hell did I forgot about my situation!? Haist. I crack an awkward laugh as I rub my neck.

"I... I wanted to... um, try their rides so... here I am. I- I just missed this place." I smile cheekily at her. Mina just bite her lip as she nods.

"All by yourself? Don't you have anyone to accompany you?"
This damn Bambam asks me curious as he held Mina's shoulder which makes me lowkey roll my eyes.

Why does he have to do that!? And Mina... Mina didn't even mind at all!

I shake my head vigorously.

"N- no. I'm with myself. I... I have no one else but me." I defend as I scratch my head. Crap. I just hope that they would buy it.

But watching Mina lowering her head right now made me feel uneasy. Is she smiling? Bambam just hummed while nodding.

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