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Ji-Young's POV

I entered the room where my husband and I occupied, and I then saw him beside the bedside table with a lamp and book on his hand. He noticed my presence, he closed his book and looked at me.

"Done checking the girls?" I just smiled and nodded as I sat next to him. I then took my iPad beside my pillow to play puzzle games before going to sleep. 

As always, I check Chaeyoung and Nayeon to their beds, wanting them to have a peaceful sleep. But tonight is different. The Yoo And Myoui sisters are here and my heart is swelling with maternal love.

"Darling, aren't the Yoo And Myoui sisters so close to our girls?" Sung-ho hummed and shifted his gaze to me with a smile.

"I know and it's a relief, darling." But my eyebrows furrowed as I thought of something. I just tap my chin.

"But have you noticed? The way they look at each other is... different. There's something to it yet I cannot grasp, Hoo-ah." My husband just chuckled and pulled my head to give me a kiss on the forehead.

"That only means they're really close, my darling." And he then stood up as I shrug my shoulders.

"I guess they really are. And it's a wonderful sight actually." I just continued playing puzzle games when Sung-ho's phone just beeped, indicating someone emailed him. I just looked intently at him.

"Who's that Hoo-ah?" He just shook his head without even looking at me.

"It's... nothing honey." He then put his phone back to his pocket and went to the bathroom. I just sigh and sat straight. I don't believe him.

I know that he's hiding something from me. Not just him but also our only child. I know they've been sharing secrets where Chaeyoung cannot share it with me because we all know that I'll get mad especially when it's about women. 

"Oh dang. I forgot to grab some beer in the fridge." My husband mumbled after he used the bathroom and I just stood up.

"Let me get some for you Hoo-ah." And he just nodded as I march my way out of the room. As soon as I went out, I just took a deep breath and sigh. All I ever wanted was someone to understand me. But no one does. 

As the only woman in the Lee family, I wanted to surround my household with lots of women and do girly stuff with them. But it turns out I gave birth to a girl with a penis. Ignoring Chaeyoung's condition, I treat and dress her up like a girl. I was really having fun until Chaeyoung turned thirteen. 

Her, being androgynous, was getting worse as her genitalia is getting larger. It was getting hard for me to hide it. She was also filled with testosterone and Sung-ho would just help her overcome it. She also had a secret relationship with one of my business partner's child and it was a disaster. 

It was frustrating but I love my child, Chaeyoung. I know she's affected about all of this but I just couldn't help it. My baby is a girl and I hope she was. I let out a sigh again and started to walk towards the stairs carrying this heavy heart inside me. 

I was about to take a step down to the Lim's royal highland stairs when I felt fingertips that are cold as the night that pushes me down.

"Oh my- Ah!" I wasn't able to stop myself from rollins on the stairs as I accidentally bump my head countless times along with my body

I met the cold and hard floor as my visions became red due to the blood. My body was aching. My back, my knees, my head and even my ankle. I just closed my eyes and I slowly lost my unconsciousness.
Chaeyoung's POV

It was raining and the thunders were roaring loudly. I am really sleepy but its harsh sounds were the reason why I can still sense my surroundings.

Plus, Jeongyeon's snoring is bothering me. Who wouldn't be? Her mouth was just beside my ear as she trapped me in her arms and legs like I'm some kind of her pillow. She's even calling Nayeon's name with a giggle.

This woman is a nymphomaniac for my lovely cousin Nayeon. Eugh.

I snorted and just close my eyes to get back to sleep when I felt the bed moved although we are not moving. My eyebrows just knitted.

What was that? Monster in bed?

"Chaeyoung..." A breathy voice just whispered in my ear and my heart started to pound in fright.

What the fuck is going on? And who the hell is this woman?

Unexpectedly, I felt someone's hand brushing its fingers to my face. Even though my balls are trembling in fear, I still act like I'm dead.

"I wanna keep you all to myself, Son Chaeyoung. Should I kill you now while you're asleep?" What the hell? I freaked out that I open my eyes and my whole body stiffened.

"Fuck!" I silently gasped when I saw the hooded person where I still can't see its face in front of me.

I was about to push Jeongyeon away from me when this person choked me so tight that I just tried to pull her hand away but it was too strong.

"J- Jeong... wa-" I tried to wake Jeongyeon beside me but Jeongyeon was already gone. I looked around but in my peripheral view, I saw the hooded person lifting its hand with a kitchen knife and that made my eyes widened in fear.

Oh shit, am I gonna die!?

"No please!"

"Die with me, Chaeyoung!" And the strange one just lifted its hand ready to stab me hard.


"Chaengie! Wake up!" And I jumped in horror and woke up chasing my breath. Even though the room is cold due to the AC, I was dripping with cold sweats as my shirt was drenched because of it. 

My whole body was trembling, trembling that I cannot control it as my throat was so dry. Even my heart was pumping crazily as I try to breathe deeper for my pulse to steady. I just checked myself if I have any stabs but there was clearly none but sweats all over me.

"Just... Just what the fuck was that?" My face was then cupped by Mina. I met her worried eyes as she tries to wipe my sweat.

"What's wrong? Why do you look so pale? Are you having a nightmare?" I gulped again and nodded in response.

"I... I guess I am." And I just closed my eyes as I clutch my chest.

I thought I was really gonna die.

"Oh my poor Chaeyoung-ah.... Come here, Let me give you a hug." And I just engulfed myself by her warm hug as she shushed me while stroking my back. It was very soothing yet I feel hot. Worst, I can feel her nipples poking me. I quickly pull away and cock my head to the side.

"Where's... Jeongyeon?" I asked and she then grabbed my chin with her finger as I was forced to look at her. I was surprised when she just tried to kiss me but paused and letting her breath brush on my lips.

"They're already downstairs preparing for breakfast." She stated while her naughty hands are on my neck up to my earlobe, pinching them. I looked at her and she was giving me that lopsided smile. 

What she's doing and how she looked at me right now just turns me on as it builds more pressure on my abdomen. We were just silent as my heart was thumping again. I just cleared my throat and purse my lips.

"O- okay. So... um, I'm just gonna take a bath first and-" I gasped silently, almost sucking her hair. My soul just left me when I saw something unbelievable in front of me. 

I'm... I'm already inside her... shit!

I never knew Mina could this wild. Is she the reason for my nightmare? My balls were already shaking as my length is twitching inside her.

I just swallowed a lump when she giggled and wrap her arms around me and making our faces closer to each other.

"Why don't we have a moment first, Chaeyoung-ah?" And she started my day riding on me.

Second one, Just two:')

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