Chapter 15

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It was the first day of the Sports festival in the school, and I'm currently in the school's entrance, taking a picture of everyone here. I was admiring at the view. Everything was well-prepared.

Welcome banners for the guests, colorful flags hanging everywhere, and stalls selling some goodies and foods.

Solar, Moonbyul, Nako, and Sakura were also here at the entrance accomodating the guests. 

Everyone was so lively and excited about the event. I just smiled and run all the way to the gym. I'm so hyped up today. Who wouldn't be?

I just drank my Strawberry juice earlier, so that I'll be having more energy. I just stretch my arms and legs for a warm-up.

I also think this is also because of Mina. Even though I only slept for 6 hours, I have a deep sleep and I feel so refreshed!

She slept beside me. Yes, we sleep together, and I thank god that I didn't have a boner because I always have that every morning.

When I woke up, she already made us breakfast and as always, it's so delicious. She was already prepared with her uniform and things.

I was wondering where she just took a bath and iron her clothes. I almost forgot that she has an apartment there. But I wonder where her apartment is. 

I just enter the gym and there was Mina on the stage, having her speech while I'm taking photos of her and the surroundings.

There were also media from different networks that are taking a video of her and I'm amazed. She's looking firm and proud and there's no sign of nervousness in her. 

"I hope you will follow all the rules that I told you about. Remember, sportsmanship and team spirit is what we want to show it to everyone today and tomorrow. Thank you for your time and you can now proceed to the field to start the event's activities."

I was taking the last picture of her when I stopped. Her feline eyes met my camera's lens.

I smiled and took a picture of her, smiling on my camera before she went down as the students clapped. I put down my camera when my phone vibrated. 

Minari 🐧

Come meet me in the office, I missed you already.

I looked around if anyone caught me smiling helplessly. Mina's clinginess sometimes upsets me.

As much as I want to think that she feels the same way about me, I just can't. I'm happy that we're friends though. I just huffed and replied to her.

I'll be there in a minute Minari. 🐯

I put my phone on my chest bag and then ran my way to the office to meet her and the others. We're gonna prepare for the activities anyway.

"Go Nabong!!" We cheered for her and our class even made us a banner.

We are all now in the field where students, parents, and teachers gathered for the activities.

The relay race was the first activity and Nayeon, our first runner, then positioned herself as we waited for the teacher to start the game. 

But I watched the bleachers and they have tarpaulins for her. My cousin really is popular. Nayeon just smiled.

"On your mark... Go!"

And Nayeon, who has long legs and hands of course, went first like a flash. The students went wild to cheer their seniors.

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