Chapter 9

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"J- Jeongyeon, w- why am I— W- what's the meaning of this?"

Not wanting to have emotional outbursts despite the situation she's into, Chaeyoung then looks around wanting to know where she was and her eyebrows just knitted.

"W- why am I... at your house?"

She looked at Jeongyeon again, but she was forced to shut her eyes when she was blinded by a sudden light that flickered. And if she was right, she just heard a shutter sound. She frowned.

'Did she just took a picture of me?' Trying to confirm it, she looked at the person who's trying so hard not to escape a burst of laughter while staring at her phone. She just gritted her teeth.

"Jeongyeon-ah..." Jeongyeon's laughter dissipated when she heard that deep and firm voice from her friend.

Our dear Chaeyoung, who's breaking bullets of sweat because she thought it's the end of her life, is now growling at the person who's laughing her ass off and wanting to choke her to death.

"You should've seen your face, Small bean! It was hilarious!" And Jeongyeon holds her tummy because of too much laughter as she wiped her tears. Chaeyoung just clenched her fists in vexation.

"Why you!" Chaeyoung shoved the big guy's hands on her shoulders as she stood up and grab Jeongyeon's collar.

"You almost made me piss my pants, you asshole!" And Chaeyoung just kicked her butt while Jeongyeon is dodging her kicks still in a state of laughing.

But a pair of beautiful feline eyes were watching them from afar as she clutches her chest.

Her heart was thumping so hard that anytime soon, it would explode. She just giggled.

'Chaeyoung-ah...' And she licked her lips as she remembers how sweet and salty it was to taste Chaeyoung's special thing. She just let out a beautiful sigh and composed herself as she needs to go back to her usual self or shall we say her normal state.

She flips her soft blonde hair to the side as she tucked some strands on her back. She then fixes her white embroidered lace dress that is above the knee where her beautiful and thick legs were exposed.

'I bet Chaeyoungie will love this.' And the japanese just giggled as she looked at Chaeyoung with full love.

An old woman with her late 40s, saw her youngest daughter getting drawn to their visitor who seemed to be battering her eldest whose laughter is filling the room. She just smiled and walked towards Mina.

"It seems like our special visitor is here, sweetie." Mina just smiled and turned to her mother.

"Yes, mom. She's already here." The young one just smiled at her old-looking self. The mother smiled and helped her daughter fixed its hair and dress.

"You look perfect. Go ahead and approach her, sweetie. I'll just inform your dad about this." And she just nodded as the mother went upstairs while Mina is switching from previous self to an innocent one.

"It was just a prank, Baby Cub! Geez!" And Jeongyeon laughed again when she looks at her phone while being chased by her friend.

"Do you really think this is some kind of a good joke? Huh!? I was already praying for my soul and my parents!"

They were circling on the coffee table. Jeongyeon was still laughing while tapping her phone and Chaeyoung was still trying to get her to skin Jeomgyeon alive.

"I'm gonna send this to the girls. HAHAHAHA!" When Chaeyoung finally caught Jeongyeon who fell down on the couch from too much laughing, she just headlocks her but her friend seems to not care about her state, Instead, she was still laughing like a seal.

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