Chapter 6

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I'm currently at one of the school's gardens where I'm certain no one's gonna come. This is the place where Jeongyeon first brought me when I just arrived here. 

We have a vacant schedule today so I went out. Mina was intoxicating me and I need to get the hell away from there.

A few days had passed and I am still ignoring her. Not that I am really ignoring her but I just don't like to hold some long conversations with her. 

I've been building walls for my vulnerable heart and I'm afraid it will go down in just a snap. She still has that effect on me though. 

The whipped effect.

I just sigh and slump my back on the bench to watch the scenery.

Tomorrow will be Saturday and Yeri and I will have our first date in Lotte World. I think it'll be fun since I am into rides. I know that sounds childish but the hell I care. 

She's so excited about tomorrow while I am nervous. To think that I am disobeying the school's number one rule which is to: Never date anyone inside the school.

But here I am, dating a lowerclassman.

I never told the girls about me and Yeri dating. I haven't and have no intention to tell them in the first place. 

I know how whipped they can be to their crushes who are student council officers and they might slip and tell them. But I'm more afraid that Jeongyeon might kill me when she knew I am cheating on her sis—

I ruffle my hair in frustration. I shouldn't feel bad about it. 

"Myoui Mina. You're messing with my head." I look at the sky and huff. 

How I wish my mind was as clear as the sky. But even if it's clear, there are always be clouds of Mina's gummy smile that never fails to melt my heart. 

I took my phone beside me when it buzzes. I look at the screen and it was Yeri. I opened it.

Chaeyoung sunbae? Where are you?

I sigh, Reading the message.

I feel so sorry for her. I'm just using her for me to distract my attention from Mina. I tried to flirt around with her inside the school and she would even do the same with me. 

Those stealing glances, lowkey touching each other's skin, and even trying to steal kisses. But hey, she was the one who initiated it. I never kissed her.

If only she never told me that she'll be monitoring me, I would conclude that she's stalking me or something. No matter where I go, I can feel her presence somewhere or I'm just assuming.

I reply to Yeri about my whereabouts. Putting my phone back beside me, I feel a pair of eyes watching me that I snap my head at the back. I hear some rustling sounds somewhere. 

"Is... Is anyone there?" I was thinking it would be Yeri but it's impossible. I just texted her and her classroom and the garden are quite far.

I'm surprised when I hear heels cackling and a familiar silhouette appears out of nowhere. I stand with a crazy beating heart while she stands smiling sadly at me.

"Minari. What are you... doing here? How did you know I'm here?" She marches towards me and faces me with that intense gaze. I just look away

"I always know wherever you go, Chaeyoung. I'm watching over you anyway. Remember?" 

I can tell she's smiling widely. I lay eyes on her again and she holds me in prison by her gaze. God, I really like her.

"U- um... Do you... Do you need anything?" I ask, trying to avoid her eye contact. She nods but tilts her head with a pout.

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