Chapter 28

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"Better watch out for Jeongyeon-ah! She might drown! Hahahaha!" And Nayeon just laughed while on the corner of the pool. I was just sitting on the beach chair watching Nayeon and Mina teasing Jeongyeon who doesn't know how to swim. 

"Yah! I will get you!" And Jeongyeon with a pizza-like floater just kicked the water for her to chase Nayeon and Mina.

"Yah! Jeongyeon-ah! That's the 6.5 feet area! Be careful!" And I saw the terror on Jeongyeon's face as she tries to go back but Mina and Nayeon were already on their way to her like shark trapping their prey. 

"Let's flip the floater, Nayeon-ah!" Mina suggested and Rosie then followed her while they are beside Jeongyeon who's panicking now as she stood up on the floater. 

"Y- yah! Don't! Mina don't! I might- fuck! Yah!" Mina and Nayeon just flipped the pizza floater that made Jeongyeon climbed unto Nayeon who's laughing her ass off. Mina was also laughing while I just facepalmed.

I just drink the last content of my orange juice before I go back to the pool. I entered the pool and Jeongyeon then came to me with pouty lips and her floater.

"Chaeng! Help me." She then reached to hug me but before she could do it, Mina just appeared in front of us and pulled her sister away from me.

"Go away, Jeong-ah." Jeongyeon then pouted.

"Okay, bye~" She just sang Anna's part in Frozen while pulling herself away from us until Nayeon just grabbed the corner of the pizza floater that made her fall.

"Yah! Why you!" Jeongyeon then chased Nayeon with a foam board around the pool. They were like lovers where Nayeon was laughing so hard except for Jeongyeon who seems really annoyed at what they did to her.

"Aren't they having fun?" Mina just mumbled after she laughed at them and locked her arms around me. Oh, shit. I just look at the doorway and I hope mom will not see us in this state.

I just gulped at how close our bodies are. Mina was wearing a bikini bottom along with Nayeon and I don't know how she hid those hickeys she got while Jeongyeon and I are just wearing a rashguard.

"U- uh, yeah. They do." She then stood up beside me. I was only standing on the corner of the 5 feet area so she can just stand. But it's kinda cute how the water was just on her collarbone level. She really is a cute penguin.

But then I flinched when she suddenly held my hand below the water that made me look at her in confusion.

"M-Minari?" She then smiled at me.

"Chaeyoung-ah, aren't we legal on both sides? Why don't we... make this official?" And her smile gummy smile turned into a gummy grin. I was speechless at first, but I just crack a laugh trying to break this awkward tension between us. I then scratch my head.

"Yah. Stop.... teasing you naughty penguin." But I hope it was true. I then look away and perfect timing. I just saw aunt Taeyoung on the doorway.

"Kids! Come on! Time to stop already! Get inside or you might get a cold!" Aunt Taeyoung informed us.

"We're coming, mom! Let's go guys." And Nayeon then pushed Jeongyeon on a floater to the pool's stairs while Mina just drags me with her, not wanting to let go of my hand.

Jeongyeon and I are sharing a room while Mina will be in Nayeon's room. I am just sitting on the bed, playing some games while my back is leaning on the headboard. Jeongyeon just finished taking a bath and she's already in her sleepwear. She then jumped beside me on the bed almost making me fly out of the bed.

"Aish, Jeong-ah!" She didn't mind me but she was just staring at the ceiling. Her arms and legs were spread and a grin was planted on her face.



"Let's watch porn." And I just throw a pillow on her face which made her laugh and sat on the bed.

"I'm not in the mood for that, Chu. Better play Kart-Rider." She then stood up abruptly.

"Tier Legend you small bean!" And we ended up playing all night until we just fell asleep. But I heard the door creaked while I'm in my sleep. Lips then kissed my cheek as a duvet was being fixed above us.

The last time I noticed was the lights were turned off and a soft 'good night' was being whispered. I heard the door closed and I was then brought to my dreamland.

But I swear I felt like being watched again.


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