Chapter 20

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"Yes, mom. Yes. Good night. I love you too. Yes. Okay. Bye. Talk to you tomorrow. Yeah. I love you. Bye." And I ended the call as I took a deep breath.

I turn and face my friends with bruises on their faces while sitting on my bed already in their casual but swag outfit.

"Let's go?" And they all stood up with their blinding smiles.

"Let's go gays!" Jeongyeon with a bandage wrapping her injured arm then leads the way as went rode the elevator to get to their cars. Since Mina is not around, I'll be sitting with No Jam bro since she has a driver with her.

After our victory in the game, we were gathered in front to show sportsmanship with Wendy's team.

We were so happy that we couldn't wipe off the smiles on our faces as we showed our gratitude to them by bowing. But then a ruckus happened.

Minnie attacked Seulgi and they exchanged some fists while we're trying to pull them away from each other.

But we all received punches from different fists, so we can't help but fought back and try to protect ourselves. They've been accusing us of cheating and being a bias like the hell.

They just can't accept their loss.

When the chaos ended, we were gathered in the clinic as Nayeon and Mina tend us. My, Penguin was silent all the time while pressing the ice pack on my face. It was awkward.

I don't know why but I could not dare to talk to her. We then celebrated a little in the SC office but we decided to hang out and get drunk which I gladly accepted.

"I heard you beat Wendy back there." I just chuckled.

"Well, yeah. She hit my jaw and it honestly hurts, so I punch her back." And she just laughs like it was very entertaining.

"How I wish I was there to watch it!" And I just shook my head while laughing until the car just swerved to the right and parked in a parking lot of a certain building.

Seulgi, Dahyun, and Wheein's cars then parked beside Jeongyeon's. We all then went out of our cars.

"What is this place?" I asked when we were finally in a place that it's crowded. The red lights were already dim and illuminating the entrance of a certain building.

There were then two big guys standing as they bowed at Jeongyeon and to us. Jeongyeon stopped midway of the entrance as she turns to look at me while spreading her arm.

"This, my friend, is my cousin's club." And I just nodded while the others seem to be enjoying the girls coming in and out of the club.

Suddenly, a man in the mid-30s wearing a suit and tie appeared behind Jeongyeon as he bowed to her and to us as well.

"Good evening, young mistresses." Jeongyeon just turns around and taps his arm.

"Yow, Mr. Lee! Take us to our favorite place, please." And the man so-called Mr. Lee then bowed as he gestured us to get inside in a formal manner.

"Allow me to lead you there then, mistresses." And we then followed the receptionist who seemed to be close to Jeongyeon.

I just realized that we are heading to a VIP room that's just beside the stage and near the DJ.

As we walk our way there, people were already in the dancefloor going wild and I almost forgot that there was a world like this. This is not my first time coming to a club anyway.

I've been to clubs from different countries because of my past friends and my so-called brother Johnny who is a psychologist in Paris who loves to get drunk.

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