Chapter 3(Edited)

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I've been feeling weird lately. I really don't know when this happened but for the past few days, I kept on dreaming about Mina whether it may be sexual or not.

Don't get me wrong, okay? I'm not thinking about her. But she keeps on visiting me in my dreams.

It felt so real that I even sometimes got awkward around her. It actually diverts me from thinking of that ghost I always saw outside my balcony. It's bugging me for weeks actually.

I even requested the concierge to put my window on some blinds since there are no blinds but only curtains. Thin curtains to be exact since even though I love to sleep with lights off, I still need a little light.

But things have changed. I have to leave the lamp on until morning.

"Good morning, Chaeyoung sunbae!" Students greet me and I wave at them with a smile.

I proceed to the hallway and meet my friends which are just next to my locker. We greet each other as I open my locker. A bunch of letters comes out.

"Wow. That's a lot of love letters you have there, Chae!" Dahyun, which is standing next to me, helps me pick up as I try to gather them.

"Look who's popular with girls." Seulgi closes her locker as she picks one and opens a letter. She's reading it, and I didn't listen.

Instead, I am still picking up the other letters and put them back in my locker. I'm gonna read them later maybe if I have free time.

"Hey, this one's a seventh-grader. You lolicon!" Wheein smacks my head. Such a crazy friend. I just grab the letters from them as I put them in my locker.

"This one's a good looking card." I turn to Jeongyeon who picks up that red card and my eyes squint as I rush towards her, curious about the attractive letter.

I grab it from her and check its sender. But nothing's written, so I open it and read its message.

' ' You're so perfect for me, Son Chaeyoung.' '

- your admirer.

It has a sexy lip mark. The girls make a fuss about it as Wheein chokes me for being so lucky. I put it back in my locker.

I then take some things I need for today. I lock my locker and put my things in my backpack.

"Hello, girls." My heart's beating so hard when I hear that voice. This feeling again.

"Good morning, President Mina!" They greet her except for me. My dream last night about her is still vivid to me.

And there she goes again. Her eyes were fixated on me while the girls are chitchatting with her. I feel so giddy right now.

"Good morning Chaeyoungie." She smiles so brightly. I bow to her.

"Good morning, Mina." And she grins at me. Jeongyeon then grabs the paper bag from her and looks at what's inside.

"What's this, Myoui?" Jeongyeon asks while checking some pictures from the paper bag with the girls beside her. Mina sighs.

"Those are some bunch of pictures and other evidence of the students here who violated some rules even outside the school. I'm gonna give that to the guidance counselor. Anyway, you should go now, guys. Class is gonna start soon." And she takes the paper bag from Jeongyeon as they wave their hand at her.

"See you later then Mina-ah!" And Mina just nods and smile. Wheein then taps my shoulder since I'm lost in Mina's presence and been the last one to walk.

"Chaeyoung?" I stop in my tracks as I hear her footsteps coming towards me. I look at my friends and they proceed walking, leaving me here.

"Y- yes?" She then brings her hand on my hair and fixes it. Her beautiful eyes then meet mine as she lifts my chin.

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