Chapter 22

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Mina, my ex-fiancée, called me. She wants to talk to me outside the club so I obliged and even though my vision is spinning, I still manage to walk all by myself towards the exit.

I really like her ever since I saw her at our company. I knew there was something about her that I cannot decipher. But I know what I want and I want her.

But her nosy step sister and that all-for-nothing bitch are on my nerve. They want to test me to my limit and I was so furious that we lost.

I just wanna drink the night away and woke up as if nothing happened. When I finally went out of the club, I noticed that my bodyguards weren't around.

I didn't mind though because they are annoying and maybe they are doing their things. I dialed Mina's number as I walk on the side of the club which is its parking lot when I saw a figure beside me.

"Seungwanie..." I was stunned at how soft and soothing her voice was.

I couldn't help but look at her in awe as she was staring at me apologetically. It just melts my heart and all my worries away.

"Mina-ssi." She then walked towards me and hugged me tightly. I then wrap my arms around her as I let her scent engulf me.

But then I felt an electric shock running all throughout my body that made me shake to the core. I can feel my body weakened as I slowly lost consciousness.

I was woken up by the sound of the chains and I can feel its cold metal sink into my skin and metallic screeching sounds being clashed together.

I just opened my eyes and found myself sitting on a chair, tied with the chains. I then noticed multiple presences in front of me.

I lifted my head and saw Mina in front of me. She was staring at me with those lifeless eyes with men in the black suit behind her.

"Hello, Wendy."

Mina brushed her fingers on my cheek that made me flinch because of how cold it was. I can feel my tummy churning when I remember what she just did to me earlier.

I just swallowed a lump since my throat is so dry. I tried to speak but no words or voice coming out.

I looked around and there was a table full of tools and knives. Different kinds of knives.

"What do you want us to do with her, young mistress?" I just landed my gaze back on Mina who is still staring at me, emotionless.

"Kill her but first, make sure to torture her. Break her bones like how she broke your first mistress's arm and hurt her like how she hurt my Chaeyoung." Her hand then lifted my chin and I was shaking because of what I just heard from her.

Is she really trying to kill me?

I just shook my head in fear.

"N- No. You can't... You can't do this to me, Mina- Grmmph!" I spat blood when Mina just stabbed me with a sharp tool up to my abdomen. Its cold metal was stinging my chest in pain as it gives me a hard time to breathe.

"Oh yes. I can do what I want, Wendy. And you just hurt my sister, my Chaeyoung and her friends and you need to pay for that." I groaned in pain when she took out the tool that is a metal rod with a sharp edge.

"Make sure to leave no trace of her or else, I'll kill all of you and your family."

"Consider it done, young mistress." And her heels were cackling on my ears until a baseball bat just hit my arm and I can feel how my bone break due to consecutive hits on it. I can't help but cry out in pain as the man in a suit tries to cut my fingers.

Just what is happening? Where is the Mina I used to know? that I used to love? I never knew that... Mina was just an angel in disguise. She... is a monster.

"G- guys, I need... I need to pee." I lied.

I didn't bother to wait for them to answer me as I stood up and support myself on anything that I can hold on to. Everything was spinning and the gravity is pulling me down.

Those dorks are already drunk and they can't even lift an eye already except for Jeongyeon who seemed calm but suddenly smirks like a creep.

Everyone here smells like alcohol, cigarettes, and sweats and it nauseated me. I can't help but push people as they bump me while I was on my way to the restroom.

I badly need to relieve myself. Watching Mina perform earlier gives me a boner that won't die down.

All of a sudden, I felt being watched. Electricity rakes through me that made me stop on my tracks.

I cock my head to the side and face the dance floor until my eyes landed on the woman who's standing across me with her unblinking feline eyes, afraid that I'd get lost in her sight.

The sight was breathtaking. I can't hear the loud and sensual music anymore because of how my wild heartbeat dominates my hearing.

I saw her smile so sexily and bit her lip as she tilts her head to the side, without even disconnecting our gaze, enough to make me swallow a lump when I felt my throat getting unusually dry.

What she just did make my body even hotter.

"Minari..." It was like it has its own life when my feet just dragged me as I walk my way to her.

I'm like a bull ready to attack the matador, whipping that red cape around as my gaze was solely focused on her while pushing the drunk people away.

Everything was in slow motion. But what only matters to me right now is Mina. She was just standing there, probably waiting for me to reach her.

But then someone grabbed me that made me frown.

"Dance with me!"

A weird pretty drunk woman was dancing in front of me with her arms around my neck as she sways her hips from side to side. I'd be lying if I told you I'm not affected by what she's doing right now.

But I just let her do what she wants as I look at Mina's direction and to my disappointment, she wasn't there anymore.

I was about to leave to look for her when this woman grabbed my arm as she pinned her body to me.

"Come on! Let's dance!" She swung her body to me which made me want to push her away from me but then someone already did the work for me.

Mina 'the fucking sexy' Myoui, just appeared and pulled the woman's hair away from me and drag her somewhere and vanished.

I don't know if this is the cause of the alcohol but I just laugh and clapped my hands as if I was entertained by what she just did. Isn't that magic?

Her head whipped on me with her piercing gaze. Again, she took my breath away as she walked towards me. And now, she grabbed my collar, making our faces close to each other.

I can smell her hot breath touching my lips that I can't help but lick mine. Her eyes went down to my moistened lips and I saw how deep her breathing was. Her eyes darted to mine again.

"Minari, I-" I was stopped midsentence when Mina just put her index finger on my lips with a smirk on her red luscious lips. That lips then brushed my ears as her hot breath tickles me.

"Dance only with me, Chaeyoung." My body then quivered when her teeth tugged my earlobe as her hands met my arms' skin gliding them up to my nape.

It was like fire when she touched my delicate skin. I couldn't help but feel in danger yet feel pleasured.

Looking at the woman swaying her body seductively for me made me think how much of an enchantress I was with at this moment.

We danced to the beat of the song and surrender our bodies to it. Sweats even started to drip on our foreheads yet we didn't mind, It was the hottest thing I've done with her...

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