Chapter 14

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"Unnie! Your parcel has arrived." Mina silently yelled from the living room. I think she just arrived from school. She must be tired.

I immediately stood up and ran downstairs. I'm afraid that Mina might find out what's inside that box. I saw her carrying it and I approach her.

"Thanks, Mitang."

I took the small box from her which is quite heavy since I ordered leather things. I was about to leave when she just held my shoulder, stopping me from leaving.


"Unnie, I've been wondering. What was inside those boxes? What were you buying all this time?" I just swallowed a lump. Shit.

Should I tell her that her dear older step sister is into BDSM and been collecting some equipment for it so I can use them to my beloved, Im Nayeon?

Dumb fucking idiot! She's an innocent penguin Jeong! Control yourself.

"U- uh. I- uh. You know, for my gaming?"

Her eyebrows just knitted and I know she was not convinced. The peek of having a smart-ass sister. Tsk. But she just sighed and nodded.

"Okay. Whatever. I'll go now." And she left me here but I followed her upstairs as she went to her room and I went inside to my room.

I locked the door and ran to my desk as I put the box. I open my drawer to get the cutter box. But I just noticed that something's missing on my drawer.

Where's my customized match?

I only have my customized lighter here, barbecue lighter, and some baby pink scented candles. I'm gonna use this for a BDSM fire play with... Nayeon. Now my match is missing. I just heard a knock on the door that made me flinch.

"Unnie? Are you still awake?" I stood up and rush to the door. When I open it, I saw her smiling at me already wearing her cute dark red sleepwear.

I don't know why she's wearing a color that she hates but that reminds me of Chaeyoung. That brat loves red very much. I just smiled at my little sister.

"Mitang? Do you need anything?" She then handed me a match that I've been looking for. I gasped.

"Yah. Why do you have this?" She just giggled.

"You forgot it on the barbecue grill, Old hag." And she then went to her room leaving me here with my mouth ajar. Aish. I remember. I was grilling some pork last weekend.

It was delicious actually, heh.

But why would I be using matches when I have a barbecue lighter? Aren't I stupid? I just close the door and put the match in my drawer as I took the cutter box.

My hands were literally shaking in excitement as my mouth was already drooling for my BDSM equipment. I open the box and took out the bondage mittens, breast binders, leg spreader bar, and other kinky stuff.

Just the looks of it make my heart pound so wild as I imagine Nayeon wearing these.

But what made me gulped is when I lifted the black leather suit with harness and restraints that shows off the person's sensitive parts.

I just licked my lips as my heart was deafening me. I was fascinated by it. It was so erotic that my head is already spinning. I just threw myself on the bed as I hug the suit.

"Im Nayeon. I can't wait to use my collection to you."

I smell the leather, imagining that it was Nayeon's cherry scent and hug her perfect body. I lifted it in the air as I smirk.

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