Chapter 17

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I was cleaning the lens of my camera on the table and even fogged up its glass.

Moreover, I wipe the cotton cloth with its light pressure on the surface while humming. I'm having a good mood today and I really have to.

I'll be supporting my friends' game since I want to see them play and how good they are.

And also, I will get to meet that Son Seungwan. I've been waiting for this day to meet her.

"Chaeyoungie?" I just stood up and ran to the door and there I met my penguin, The most cutest and elegant one.

"Morning, Minari." She smiled and kissed my cheek as usual. But I will never get used to it because it always feels like the first time.

"Morning. Are you ready to go now?" I nodded. 

"Let me get my things first." And I went back inside and put my lens and camera to its bag.

I then put it in my backpack. I lock my apartment as we went to the elevator holding hands.

We then get inside her car and she then started to drive as we play a song entitled 'I Love You' by AKMU.

We were like having a concert inside. We were banging our heads while singing along. Since the school is near the apartment, we arrived early and she then parked.

"Phew. That was fun." I said wiping my sweat and she just laughs while I'm taking our bag from the backseat.

"I think I'm already tired.." She muttered and pouted while going out of her car, and I just did the same while carrying our bags. I then closed the car's door and walked up to her.

"Hey, don't be such a lazy penguin." And she gave me a gummy grin and took her bag from me.

Students and guests were already roaming around the area and they greeted us. Suddenly, somebody shouted for Mina's name. 

We turn around and saw a bunch of her suitors already carrying flowers and chocolates for her while lining up outside.

The bodyguards were even having a hard time controlling the crowd and Mina tugged my arm she's clinging.

"Hey, Chaeyoungie." I just hummed and she turned to me. "Let's runnaway."

And a smile crept unto my face as we ran away from the crowd. We didn't stop into our lockers but went directly to the SC office.

When we arrived there, she immediately locked the door and we chased our breaths in the middle of our laughter.

She just sat behind the door while I was sitting in front of her, leaning behind the couch of the office's living room.

"That was very fun." And she just nodded.

"And safe." And we just laugh again until it dissipated and our eyes locked unto each other.

She is so beautiful. More beautiful when she smiles. That gummy smile of hers is priceless and it never fails to flutter my heart.

"What are you doing?" Mina and I just look to the side.

My eyes widened when Nayeon's long and white nightgown was covered with blood and her face looks so haggard with dried blood on it. My jaw just dropped at the horrific sight.

"GAAAAAHHHH!" I screamed like a gay with the highest pitch while I crawled towards Mina and hid from her back, making her my shield.

Nayeon was like a white lady. My heart was really pounding so hard in my chest almost wanting to break every rib of me.

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